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0501 Barker’s Pass, Sequoia National Park, CA

The morning was so soft and lovely. Cool. Magical light. No wind. We got right up and went for a walk up and down all 4 of the side roads leading to other camping circles. Sherman wanted to go up a couple steep hills to follow a scent. I let him lead the way.

I’m not sure, but this looks like a Dogwood. I only saw this one tree of this variety.


0429 Barker’s Pass, Sequoia National Forest, CA

Happy birthday dad. This is number 89. Is there a place and a way in which you still feel 16? Or 20? I know you’re body feels old. What about that sense of you? And… thanks for being my dad. 🎂🎁🎶🚀💕🖖🏽

When I pulled in last night there was one car by a large rock to the left of the entrance. Between them and the river was one tent.

I wake up in a dream.


0427 Sequoia National Forest, CA

After breakfast we head up the Jeep trail again. Just past where I saw the woman and child yesterday, the trail ends. There are lots of stickers off-road, so Sherman and I sit down to enjoy the view, then head back to the van.

Time to head back up near the end of the road and look for a place to stay. I reach the sign that says the road is closed for the winter, turn around and pull into a parking spot near a road that goes way down into the valley by another river. I can’t tell if the van can make it, so we take a hike. We walk the 3/4 of a mile down to the river. The road is pretty rough in places, with 3-4 places where I could get into trouble if I am not careful. I plot the van’s path both walking down and rechecking the plan as we walk up. Then… I drive down. In one spot, I make a new choice to get past two deep holes filled with water. We make it down to the river and spend a lovely quiet day.


0426 Sequoia National Forest, CA

Happy #1 birthday to Grandson Maximus.


A day to explore the area. In the morning, we go into Kerville to find wireless. I needed to send some email about the Pottery School. Had eggs and coffee at Cheryl’s Diner. Then on our way to drive as far north as I can and take a couple hikes. About 10 miles in there’s a sign for Sulpher Falls. That’d be cool. A hike to some falls…

It’s very windy. We head up a trail that hits a dirt road in 100 feet. I can see that the road goes down to the main road near where we began.