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1220 Update

I’ve been writing, but not posting. I’ve just edited and updated the posts from 11/14/16 – 12/19/16.

If you want to follow the story historically, go back to the Nov 14th post and read forward.

More to come…

0822 What Took So Long?

0822 What Took So Long?

After Winnipeg I tried free wifi in every city. The fastest download I found was 2.5mbs in a corp Starbucks. About the slowest broadband out there. I thought! 

But; the average found was 0.25mbs. Yes that’s right. 0.25mbs! 

This just isn’t enough throughput to do the posts with photos. So I’ll catch-up in small batches. I’m back in the US with 20-40mbs LTE. Yea! This was my biggest frustration being in little towns. 

Here’s how the megabit/sec math goes:

A megabit is 1,000,000 (1 million) bits. So .25mbs is 250,000 bits/sec.  

I was used to a range of 50-200mbs in SoCal. That’s 50 million – 200 million bits / sec. 

This was like using a modem. Anyone remember using modems and they were magic! Even at 9.6kbs. And then 14.4? Wow!

Some later modems got as high as 330,000bits/sec.