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0514 Mohave National Preserve, CA

Quite a day. After a morning hello/goodbye with a friend, I stop at Starbucks in Mira Monte to get another blog entry posted. Lots of pictures. Started the 2nd one and it was just time to go.

As I’m driving I see Sherman chewing on something and his head moves don’t match what they are when he’s chewing on a toy. He has pulled two bananas from a spot in between the seats and is chewing on the stems. That’s a new one! No prior banana interest. He loves to chew on sticks and I’m sure he smiled when he saw that stick on the end of those bananas!


0501 Barker’s Pass, Sequoia National Park, CA

The morning was so soft and lovely. Cool. Magical light. No wind. We got right up and went for a walk up and down all 4 of the side roads leading to other camping circles. Sherman wanted to go up a couple steep hills to follow a scent. I let him lead the way.

I’m not sure, but this looks like a Dogwood. I only saw this one tree of this variety.


0429 Barker’s Pass, Sequoia National Forest, CA

Happy birthday dad. This is number 89. Is there a place and a way in which you still feel 16? Or 20? I know you’re body feels old. What about that sense of you? And… thanks for being my dad. 🎂🎁🎶🚀💕🖖🏽

When I pulled in last night there was one car by a large rock to the left of the entrance. Between them and the river was one tent.

I wake up in a dream.


0427 Sequoia National Forest, CA

After breakfast we head up the Jeep trail again. Just past where I saw the woman and child yesterday, the trail ends. There are lots of stickers off-road, so Sherman and I sit down to enjoy the view, then head back to the van.

Time to head back up near the end of the road and look for a place to stay. I reach the sign that says the road is closed for the winter, turn around and pull into a parking spot near a road that goes way down into the valley by another river. I can’t tell if the van can make it, so we take a hike. We walk the 3/4 of a mile down to the river. The road is pretty rough in places, with 3-4 places where I could get into trouble if I am not careful. I plot the van’s path both walking down and rechecking the plan as we walk up. Then… I drive down. In one spot, I make a new choice to get past two deep holes filled with water. We make it down to the river and spend a lovely quiet day.


0426 Sequoia National Forest, CA

Happy #1 birthday to Grandson Maximus.


A day to explore the area. In the morning, we go into Kerville to find wireless. I needed to send some email about the Pottery School. Had eggs and coffee at Cheryl’s Diner. Then on our way to drive as far north as I can and take a couple hikes. About 10 miles in there’s a sign for Sulpher Falls. That’d be cool. A hike to some falls…

It’s very windy. We head up a trail that hits a dirt road in 100 feet. I can see that the road goes down to the main road near where we began.


0425 Sequoia National Forest, CA

To get to the forest I need to go through Bakersfield. So I head through Santa Paula to the 5, and then over the Grapevine to the 99 to Bakersfield. From there we’ll head past Lake Isabella, through Kernville and into the forest.

The Grapevine is amazing. I’ve never seen it like this. Not just spring green, but areas that have always been very brown all year are covered with a green and yellow-brown that looks like velvet. So soft.

We’re following the Kern River northwest from Bakersfield.


0415 Ojai, CA

Been back in Ojai a bit. This time it feels different. I’m not just visiting, but hope to be staying. For those of you who haven’t heard the story yet, here are the basics.


0331 Ojai, CA

In the morning, we walk over to the edge of the mountain where the other van was yesterday. The wind is still VERY intense coming up the side of the mountain. It’s hard to stand in place. The steepness of the angle is deflecting the wind over the top of the spot we’re parked. Who made that parking selection?

I’m amazed at the number of times a spot to park or camp has been show to me and it’s turned out to be the one spot out of the wind, shielded from rain, or in the shade most of the day.

We’re off toward Lake Arrowhead. The Idyllwild-Banning Panoramic Highway is wonderful and get’s us to Banning. On the way…