This morning I wake up at 5:30 and can’t get back to sleep. It’s around freezing and raining. There is a thin layer of ice on the front window. Walking Sherman the ground isn’t frozen or slippery. At 6 we start driving.
It was cold and very windy all day. Blown around on the freeway with huge occasional gusts that move the van a couple feet. Late afternoon the wind stops.
Driving through St. Louis we pass The Arch. Thirty years or so ago Linda, Eben and I went up in the arch. The ride up is in little 2 person swinging seats. They lurch and jolt all the way to the inside top of the arch. When we get out the world is swaying. It’s terrifying. It feels like the whole arch is moving back a lot. We’re hundreds of feet up and the ground is not stable. Not my kind of a good time. Eben is unfazed. He’s running from window to window and looking down. Excited and amazed everything is so small. I’m moving slowly, hanging on to the walls and benches. I don’t remember how it was for Linda. My overwhelming fear didn’t let that info to be recorded. A Park Ranger says the arch is built to withstand 200 mph winds in storms and a movement of 2 feet back and forth. She says today it’s moving about a half inch. Damn. Feels like at least 6 inches to my inner ear. I’m very pleased to return to the rickety feeling car going back down.
Tonite we’re in-between St Louis and Springfield, MO. There’s a Forest Service campground here. And, it’s closed for the season. Right outside the gate is a 100 ft loop road. We’re camped there.
Temp is much warmer. No wind. Down to about 34 tonight. Up to 65 tomorrow.