Got up, made some tea, walked with Sherman and headed to Oracle to visit Aviva Gold, a friend from Ojai who moved there a year or so ago.
Aviva is a therapist turned medicine woman painter. Her work is midwifing humanity via Painting from The Source workshops. You make a mark on a piece of paper and wait for the inspiration, the whisper telling you what to do next. This may lead to totally painting over what you have and starting anew. It may lead to adding pieces of paper to enlarge the canvas. It is an exploration of listening to the inner voice that arrises from The Source and following. More at
I’m on I-10 headed east going through Phoenix, Apache Country, toward Tucson. We get off onto State roads for the last 2 hours through some beautiful canyons too narrow to pull off for photos. We drive through the Mecca Wilderess.

And stop to walk up a jeep trail in Desert Center.

I love cactus trees. They just seem so improbable…
Coming down from a large mesa there are snow capped mountains in the distance, and a town below. As we get to the bottom of the decline, I realize I’ve been looking at Oracle. It’s bigger than I had imagined. I GPS my way right to her house in the mid afternoon.
After the tour of her new place, we head off to visit a nearby ranch that is an artist collective. There’s a photography show up of a father and his son’s photos. Also some of the father’s father. So, three generations take on recording events and places. There are a half-dozen photos that I find spectacular.
Then to a local garden. Quintin Branch is well known throughout the state for his rammed earth structures. Their house, garden walls, out buildings are examples of his work. Fascination stuff as I made a rammed earth kiln in the early 70’s. I never thought of the same process as applicable to buildings. Duh… Quintin has a large garden from which he eats, sells to locals, supplies a couple restaurants. A beautiful place.
We return to Aviva’s and go for a walk on Forest Service land that is very close to her house. Dusk arrives as we’re walking.

This is thousands of acres heading back to the mountains, cross-crossed by dirt roads that people hike, bike, hours, and ATV on. After an hour walk dusk arrives and we return to her house for dinner.
After dinner I draw a past, present, future card from her Osho Tarot Deck. My question was about my journey, specifically in regards to art and writing. An amazing spread. All major arcana. Moing from Integration to Aloneness, to The Secred Rebel.