Sherman and I are up about 7 and go for a walk on the Forrest Service land. Yesterday, Aviva wondered as we entered the land, we took the road to the right, if we’d be able to get back into streets near where she lives. I decide to go that way and see.
The road follows the power lines along the fence downhill for quite a while.
This is a BIG cactus tree!

A bit after it moves away from the fence I see what looks like a foundation around a bend in the road. As we near what IS a foundation I see there is more than one. They are large flat cement floors with not much else left.
Around another corner I see a cement staircase going uphill into… nothing!

The building has either been pushed in or fallen down. The wood is very old, dry and splintered. There is a full sized basement that is normal room height. The stairs would have gone up to the 2nd floor as the main floor. Downhill there are a few more of the large flat cement floored foundations. This is a large group of buildings that doesn’t feel like a ranch. I can’t imagine what it was.
We continue downhill and the road ends at a cattle gate. I climb over the gate. Sherman hops through it. I look at my GPS and find a 1 miles walk back to Aviva’s house. So, one can turn right and walk back to her house!
When we arrive she’s up and getting breakfast. Around 11 we head into town. There’s more of Oracle Aviva wants to introduce me to…
First we go to an artist B&B ranch. The owner is a very prolific metal worker. As we arrive she and her partner are cleaning up her vast trove of found, junk, and purchased metal. The ranch has a gallery and is setup for a weekend opening. She opens the gallery and shop for us. Wonderful work from local artists. She suggests that we don’t leave without taking the Sculpture Walk, which we do. OMG, what a work of love. Pathways though the desert with fantastical pieces and installations. Mostly hers, though some sections have the work of other sculptors.


Aviva walking the Labrynth
From here we go to visit two of the areas Retreat sites created from old ranches. They are amazingly beautiful. Would be a fabulous place to hold a retreat. Yoga, meditation, educational groups, a regional UFO group, etc.
It’s getting late. We drive by the Historical Society which looks like it’s open, so we go looking for a way in. The doors are locked. There’s a light on so we knock. Chuck comes to the door and lets us in. Yes, they are open. Every Thursday a group gets together for wine and snacks to talk area history.
 Stylin, eh?
Chuck obviously loves the history of this area. He spontaneously begins to take us on a tour. In one of the early rooms we go into he shows us an arial map that’s about 50 years old that he loves. I ask him if he know what the foundations I saw that morning are. We find their location on the map. We can’t see the foundations. They’re under the trees. But, he knows what they are. They are from the TB sanitariums that created the reason to be here. TB and Gold founded Oracle.
The town got it’s name from a schooner that sailed from Eastern Canada to the West Coast. One of the original settlers was related to the Captain of the schooner. The town consisted of about 30 wealthy families until the sanitariums were built. He said Oracle was the wealthiest per capita city in the US during that period!
From there we drive through downtown and stop at the Post Office. Sherman and I take a walk in a small park next to the PO. Facing the road is an amazing contemporary political poster. Aviva said this was just put up as the result of a group of people in town got together to “do something” in the face of The Donald’s winning the election. They chose to focus on getting his taxes released. One of the members of this group has the lease for this billboard and said he’d post something relevant on it.

It took me a couple minutes to get the poster.
We return to Aviva’s house, make and eat dinner. Sitting in front of a fire, I get Aviva’s laptop to run normally after being slow, slow, slow for a month of so.
Good night…