My intent was to go to BioSphere 2 in Oracle and then head east. As I was looking up the directions there was a link to Yelp! The first review says, “I was here in 2009 and loved it so much. The tour was an amazing insight into the history and purpose of the place. I wanted to bring my friends here since we were in the area. There are no more tours. You are left to wander on your own with some signage. There are a few docents around but the magic of the place has been removed.” That was enough for me. I may go back, but when I have time to wander around. I was planning on taking a tour and heading onward.
Maps says it’s about a 5 hour drive going the “stay off the freeway” way to get to City of Rocks. This is beautiful, beautiful country.
We drive through canyons,
mountains with cactus forests,

up mountain passes with immense vistas.
As we near Silver City, Maps says to take a 10 mile dirt road across to the road near City of Rocks. I turn onto the road and immediately see that this is not a good idea. We go back to the pavement and go through Silver City and then 15 miles south to City of Rocks. I need some fresh produce, but it’s getting late and I want to get to the Rocks in time to setup and eat. We arrive about 4:30.

The site we were in last time in taken, so I drive around the perimeter looking for sites that feel like home. I find one and we return and pull in, level the van, go for a walk, make food, setup the van for sleep, sleep, sleep.