It was pretty windy last night until we got in the van about 7pm and the wind just stopped! About 5am it started again . The forecast was for a VERY windy day, 20+ mph, and cool. High in mid-50’s. I bought a little thermometer the other day and it was 54 in the van and around 40 outside. We’re headed to the top of Table Mountain.

Not a big mountain. More like a mesa. I’m guessing about 1200 ft elevation gain. The park is at about 5700ft.

We’re walking at 7:30am. It’s windy and cold. I have Sherman on the around the waist hiking leash and I have my hiking poles. It’s about a half mile to the trail that leads to the Table Mountain trail.

About half way up.
It’s another good test for my knee. A little rocky and steep near the top. Sherman is all lit-up. He loves being outside and loves hiking.
Views from the top.

When we get to the top the wind feels like double what it was at the camp when we started. Sherman’s hair is plastered back from his face. My hat keeps threatening to blow off and I pull it down tight. We sit up there about 30 minutes. I’m cold, so we start back down.
The big upside is that we now have another hike to do when were not going to Observation Point. It’ll keep us both hiking happy and keep strengthening my knee. I’d say it now at 95% normal in terms of flexibility and discomfort. Maybe 75% in terms of strength.
We get back to camp, eat a bite and drive to the Observation Point. I have a shipping problem to resolve. I ordered a 4-person tent and rain boots from Amazon, and had them shipped to the Post Office 8 miles from the park. Turns out they are not going to accept them. I’ve done this at a dozen other Post Offices. They accept it as general delivery and when I go to pick it up I pay the postal fee for shipping from a nearby town in the same postal zone. It’s a way to pay them for the service and acknowledges that they are not a UPS delivery site. Not this Post Office. So, I’m headed to the UPS Store in Silver City to try to get it rerouted to the UPS Store. When I get there I discover I can’t do that, because Amazon has a block on their shipments that keeps them from being rerouted. The UPS agent suggests I have it held at the local UPS warehouse. That works. She enters the data and in an hour I get a message that they are they ready to be picked up. It’s noon and the UPS warehouse is open 3-6pm. So, we head into town to wander around a bit and get digitally connected at Javalina.
I drive there on the way back to City of Rocks and, no they’re really not there, but will be tomorrow.