The dust storm is over. The sky is totally clear. Mid-day temps are predicted to be in the mid-70’s. We’re going to Spring Canyon for a hike! This is a small park about 2 miles away that is managed by Rock Hound. It’s only open 4 days a week, has no camping. It’s a day use picnic and hiking area.
There was a poster of an Ibex’s in the Visitor’s Center at Rock Hound. I’m standing there looking at this photo knowing that this is not a native animal. How did they got here?
A text poster a few feet away… “The New Mexico herd came from Iran in the early 1970s, and are considered Persian or Bezoar ibex. The herd size is somewhere between 400 and 600 animals. The mountain range is 9 miles long and 6.5 miles wide, and is comprised of very steep, difficult terrain. ”
How cool would that be to see an ibex! Even in the distance standing on a rock.
(Not one we saw. Online download…)

We drive over about 10 and head to the top picnic table. From there is a 2 mile trail that goes up to Lover’s Leap. Why do people think this is such a cute name? The Leap looks like a saddle between two mountains. Off we go…

These cacti are all over the hillsides. The bright yellow of the new growth (not flowers) was so unique. Seems like an invitation to animals to feast…
A dead and fallen plant very much like a Joshua Tree. This one felt like a porcupine.
From the saddle looking North…
…and looking South. You can just make out the picnic table roofs waaaay down there.

A couple non-Bunny Ears cacti in the valley.
This crazy spikey plant was all over. Old stalks dark brown, newer ones greener. Couldn’t see any evidence of leaves.
A beautiful hike. Beautiful mountains. No Ibexes…
In the evening, the wind blows again. I check the weather back at City of Rocks. It’s mid-30’s to low 40’s at night and 70’s during the day. I’m very tired of these 20+ mph winds. They’re relentless.
Tomorrow we’re going back to City of Rocks. I love that park. Rock Hound is in beautiful country, but the park is in a so-so location. The facilities are awesome. I’m impressed with New Mexico’s State Parks. The facilities are wonderful and they’re well maintained, And very cheap. $10/night for tent. $14 for RV with electric/water. For me it’s $225 for an annual permit.