In the morning we go for a last hike on the mountain loop.
On the way out we drive by this mountain again. It reminds me of Ankylosaurus.

I drive straight to City of Rocks to see if there’s a good site available. I leave the tent and a gallon water bottle at Rock Hound in case there isn’t a spot I want so we can come back here tonight. Surprise! #10 where Tom was staying before is open. It’ll be our fist time staying on the eastern side of the park. I’m told that the wind mostly comes from the west, so this side is less windy. We’ll see… I put a few items on the picnic table to mark the spot as taken.
We go to Silver City. I have a Skype appointment for a remote session, so Javalina it is. After the session I stay and do some writing. At 2pm we leave for Deming where Sherman has a Spa appointment with the Turquoise Poodle. I drop him off and tell her how I want him scissor cut. I bring in my Show Sheen to treat his hair, but she says she does that to all the dogs after their baths, so mine isn’t necessary. Ha! First time I’ve run into a dog wash and cut that includes Show Sheen. She says he’ll be done in about 2 hours.
I head back to Rock Hound to gather the stuff, then a little shopping in Deming. I go to get Sherman. He’s not done. Something came up and he’ll be another hour. Ok. What to do… Deming doesn’t exude an “I’m a cool place to hang out in” vibe. Not even one coffee shop. Health food store or nice downtown…
I take a walk and listen to my current Audible book, The Girls of Atomic City. An amazing story in the woman’s equality trajectory. Women hired to do the work at the factory producing the Uranium and Plutonium for the atomic bombs. Very, very few knew what they were working on. Very few had any education or training that would point at them doing the jobs they had. On the job training. Paid less then the men there. Blacks paid less than whites. Segregation. But, they were all paid 2-4 times what they could earn in a non-military job at the time and were doing work that they would not be hired or trained to do in non-military work. I hadn’t’ t realized that the millions of women during WWII, doing the work reserved for men, created the pressure that cracked the door open in a way it was impossible to close again, no matter how hard men and institutions tried.
Get a call that Sherman is ready.
He looks good!
I thank her and we head to City of Rocks. We arrive as the sun is setting,
Moon and Venus

…take our walk around the park and settle in for the night.