An early morning walk to the Observation Point rewards us with a spectacular sunrise.
After breakfast we head to Deming, where I’m going to visit the Mimbres Museum. Mimbres is a local city and one of the Mongollon tribes that lived in the area. I’ve heard they have a large collection of pottery.
The museum is an odd collection of item. Some historical, like a row of local small shops: barber, hairdresser, woman’s clothes, men’s clothes, dry goods, butcher… Then there’s the chuck wagon. And thousands of old glass bottles. And collections of geodes and precious stones — mostly not from this area. Old pianos and organs. Recent local painting of the area. And LOTS of pots!

There are lots more. When I have a good wifi connection I’ll put up a gallery page and put the rest there.
The shortest route from Deming to Carlsbad Caverns National Park goes south of the Guadeloupe National Park in Texas and up it’s eastern slope back into New Mexico.
We go up an incline from the flat desert and this is our Hello! From the Guadalupe Mountains.
Another direction from the Guadalupe Mountains rest area.
As we get within 30 miles I stop to look at where to stay. There are 4 BLM sites within 10 miles of the park. And a tiny city at the road junction into the park, White City. In the distance is this odd horizon. I wonder if it’s a dust storm? I see online that it’s smoke from big fires in the Texas Panhandle.
Nearing White City, I check out the closest BLM site — a level dirt half circle off of a county dirt road. Hmmmm…
Then we go to town. Two motels at $100 a night. No thanks. That same room in this part of NM is normally $40-50. Not interested in the inflated Cavern fee. So, back to the BLM spot.
Here’s our spot. See the little white dot center left? That’s the van.
Sunset over the Guadalupes.
Turns out it’s beautiful and quiet. We walk on the county road for awhile. Don’t see another person all evening.