Today is UFO day. After a cold, sunrise walk and breakfast, we head to Roswell. The ranger at the Visitor’s Center said in response to may question about things to do in the area, “You’re in Roswell. You have to go to the UFO museum! Very interesting…” So, today is the day.
I find a good shady place on a side street near the museum so Sherman’s ok for the couple hours I figure I’ll be inside. But, as I walk up to the front door I see a sign that they are dog friendly! So Sherman also get’s to hang out with UFOness today.
As I’m greeted, they show me this movie list. No time today. But, they’re all on their YouTube channel.
Half of the exhibit is documentation of the Roswell Incident from 1947. It follows the publicly released information day by day. Newspapers and radio shows. Along with these are signed affidavits of the people involved. Civilian and Military. Some of people who as they aged signed documents that said they initial testimony was a lie, and saying what they actually saw or did.

The fascinating story is that it totally changes after a couple days. At first it’s a flying saucer and a group of dead aliens. There are people totally freaked out, hysterical, from seeing the aliens. There’s a military guy who held pieces of whatever was found, describing it as very thin and light metal of some kind that has the ability to be crunched into a ball, released and return to it’s former shape with no wrinkles. The rancher who found the site initially, was on local radio the 2nd night describing what he saw.
Everything goes along I this vein with public and military descriptions of the ship and aliens. Then… BOOM… All information and references from the military changes into, “Relax. It’s just a weather balloon.” And the civilians refuse to talk about it anymore.
There’s a later top secret memo given to President Truman on the incident that doesn’t include any weather balloon. It’s about the threat to the nation from any knowledge of aliens.
The document…
A document is reproduced from TOP SECRET/MAJIC, “a clandestine government group called Majestic-12 supposedly formed in 1947 to deal with the remains of a crashed flying saucer near Roswell, NM” released by Stanton T. Freedman, a nuclear physicist and UFOlogist.
What it says:
Why cover up the mountain of UFO data?
“…the initial coverup makes sense. But, why continue it to the modern era?
1. “…mass produce the …new technology revealed by the wreckage of the flying discs …Rule 1 for security is that you can’t tell your friends anything without also telling your enemies. Opening the files would give competitors access to the new technology.”
2. “…constant worry would be penetration of the research by enemy spies and fear that they might discover the mode of propulsion or other new weapons technologies based on their own crashed saucer recoveries before we did….We don’t want them to know we know they know.”
3. “If the public learned that other intelligent life was actually coming to our planet, many of our social institutions would be disrupted….Perhaps most important from a political viewpoint, younger members of society, especially those who grew up with the space program would push for a new view of ourselves. I know of no government that wants it’s citizens to own their primary allegiance to the planet instead of the nation…The biggest fear of anybody in power,…is losing that power…National governments do NOT want their subjects to have a planet wide orientation.”
4. “…religious groups would be…disturbed by any announcement that humans are not alone, even if this is presumed to be true by many Eastern religions…others might have a problem with the theological implications of extraterrestrial life…any advanced civilization would investigate biology as well as the physical sciences…understanding genetics… aging… controlling disease…suggestion that their members would live proportionately much longer that earthlings…Religion is a major influence on the lives and behavior of hundreds of millions of earthlings…You can’t just take away an article of faith without replacing it with something else.”
5. “There might well be economic discombobulating brought about by even the mildest announcement of the most peaceful alien visitations…[could] soon be new methods of energy production, ground transportation, air transport, communications, medicine, computers…but which of the old buggy whip manufacturers would build the new systems and which would fade into oblivion? Uncertainty is the enemy of the stock market.”
6. “The government may know things about the aliens that are truly terrible…very-high-level security clearances and access to such…secrets may well believe that, since they know more than the public does, they must make the choices for us ignorant beings…”
Wherever this list comes from, I certainly see #3 and #4 as highly relevant in our current political swamp. Who would want humans to identify with the Earth as as whole? Who would want humans to continue to stop believing and living though the humans are the center of the Universe mythologies?
Loved this too:

Aboriginal painting.
And then Crop Circles. I love this. Have watched a couple documentaries on these from detailed film of the fields after they appear with no damage to crops outside the circle. None of the crops stems are broken, they are bent. Dowsers and other energy measuring equipment showing that the energy IN the circle is very different than that immediately outside the circle. And all exactly in the same directions. No errors. Segments with mathematicians showing the high level of mathematic theory and equations that exist in the shapes of may Crop Circles.

More lovely unexplainable mystery…

And then back to Bottomless Lakes…

Sherman is all excited in the van as I’m going to sleep. He’s moving from window to window looking out for critters. He’s in love with bunnies! One morning we were sitting in the van early as it’s just getting light and five rabbits come up close to the van. It looks like a rabbit family, too big rabbits three smaller rabbits. Two of them are eating 5 feet from the van and Sherman is trembling with excitement.
In a little bit I hear scratching at the window. I sit up to look out with him and watch a raccoon slinking away from the garbage cans, looking back at us with a glare that comments on our interrupting his meal.
Now he’s really vigilant! A little while later he’s scratching on the window again. I sit up again and look with him. There’s a Javelina trotting through the campsite!
I’m glad he’s in the van. He has no distinctions regarding the relative danger of rabbits, raccoons and javelina’s.
Now he’s on high, high, high alert. Alas, no more critters tonight. I go to sleep and he still at the window. When I wake up in a few hours he’s curled up in his spot conked out.