We walk the Cliff Trail one more time. This morning, spring has sprung.

On our way out there’s an overlook.
A view from the top of the cliffs we’ve been looking at across Lea Lake. That curved little group of buildings is the beach and buildings we’ve been hanging out in–on.

Our first destination is The Valley of Fire. A valley that is the sight of one of the most recent lava flows in the US. This one is from about 3000 years ago. It happened through vents in the valley floor.
Sherman and I go for a walk through the lava field. Fascinating…
Beginning the switchbacks down to the lava
Looking from one side across the width of the lava field.
Down into the sculpture…
Looks like a slob of clay cut with a wire.

It was ok to leave the trail. So we started across the lava. It was so hard to walk on we stopped and returned to the trail.
Stunning piece of sculpture
Another angle
An invitation…
We finish the 2 mile walk through the lava. It’s gotten hot. There’s a group picnic shelter where the trail ends. We have lunch. Then head for the Petroglyphs.
When we arrive at the park it’s late afternoon, so we look for the campground nearby. Turns out it’s 8 miles down a dirt road nestled against the Lincoln Wilderness. We are no longer in the desert. The forest here is mixed conifer, pinyon-juniper, and sub-alpine forest. It feels northern, not southwest.

I find a place hidden in the pines near the river. We settle in. Walk by the river. Eat. Watch the sunset. Head into the van for the night.