Up at sunrise. Head up the Three Rivers trail for an hour. It’s the first trail that I’ve been able to let Sherman off leash to run and do his trail magic for many weeks. He is VERY happy!

We return to the van for a quick breakfast, rearrange the gear and head down the road to the Petroglyphs. This is a no-dogs on trail park. This is true in all National Parks and Monuments. Yuck! But I get it. There are enough people who are not responsible for their dog poop. In state parks where dogs are allowed on the trails, I’ve been on a few where I walk with a stick to flick the piles off into the surrounding flora.
We’re there about 11. It’s a cool day. I park in the shade for Sherman, leave him some water, and head into the Visitors Center to see what I need to know, then onto the trail.
There are more than 21,000 petroglyphs documented at this site by the Archaeological Society of New Mexico’s Rock Art Recording School.
20 feet up the trail and there are a few. I wander into a cluster of boulders. WOW!!

When I got back to the van Sherman is sound asleep. After a walk and water we head toward our next stop, White Sands National Monument.
The traffic is heavy near the Monument. Campgrounds are full. But… there’s BLM dispersed camping 2 miles from the park on DOD land. We head there. As usual it a beautiful area on a small lake.