We wake at dawn. Now 6:45am daylight time. We take a short pee walk. Reorder the van and drive up to the road where the shelters are. I’m curious. Are we staying here for a few days, or are we driving on? It’s about 7:30 as we go up the road from the lake. Ah! We’re staying. There’ an open shelter.
Looking in…
Looking out…

It takes about an hour to move things into our new casa and give them some order. I wonder about a visual marker to claim the spot. Is stuff in the shelter enough? Probably. But, I have a new tent and will set that up to keep food and some other items in. That’ll do it.
The tent goes up easily. A 4-person Coleman from a Big 5 Sports. I had ordered one from Amazon a few weeks ago for $100. Great reviews from a large number of people. Well, that one’s rain cover tore apart in the 20-30 mph winds at Rock Hound one day. So, it was returned. This one was $50. It says it’s good I winds up to 35mph. The fabric is heavier… We’ll see.
Anyway, we’re moved in. Time for a walk. I find the path that circles the campgrounds and we go explore. A few jack rabbits tease Sherman with slow trots out of sight.

We spend the day relaxing in our new cement 3-sided casa. The cement walls keep it cool during the heat of the day and warm well into the evening. Lovely. It’s on the main road so there is some traffic noise. And the view of the lake and mountains as the light changes during the day is a treat.

Sherman is in outdoor mode. He watches the world. Takes a nap. Lays in the sun until hot, then comes into a cool cement corner. It’s a dog world.