Yesterday we went into Truth or Consequences. I found a coffee shop/ used bookstore that Sherman could come into. We hung out there for a couple hours. Then to replenish food. Yelp said the local market had a good selection of organic and local foods. It’s that or Walmart. I get what I can at Bullock’s, then finish with a couple items at Walmart. I was stunned at the upgrade they just finished at the Walmart parking lot. It’s got covered parking! A nice touch where the sun’s so hot for 6 month of the year.

I’ve noticed in most of these smaller towns that there’s a Walmart and many, many Dollar Stores. Some have an Albertson’s or a small local market like Bullock’s. It’s a stark illustration of the destruction a Walmart does to a small town economy. Silver City has about 10,000 people in the area. That seems to be big enough for a Walmart to coexist with other sources of food, hardware, toys, etc. I’ve taken the number of Dollar Stores as a measure of local economies. In some towns there’s one every few blocks. 2-3 different named stores taking turns down the street.
Today we go early on the 10-mile trail that follows the length of Elephant Lake.
I’m immediately stunned by the washes we walk through. They’re huge! I can’t imagine this much water flooding these during a hesu rain.
That hole under the bridge in the distance is at head height…?
And this looks like the spillway under a dam. How can this fill with water?
We take this trail fork out to a covered picnic table in an overlook.
Then we overlook!
We go about 3 miles and then back to the car. Close to 6 miles. For the last 90 minutes it was HOT in the sun. Every 20 minutes or so I’d find a tree with good shade and go sit for us both to cool off and drink water. Then on until Sherman’s tongue begins to spoon on the end. The sign that his body temp is at the point where he’ll have trouble panting to staying cool enough.
Upon return, we relax in our nice cool little cement box. Windows on the side and back. Wide open front.

I was thinking about heading to Morphy Lake in a couple days. But, looking at the weather it’s going to turn cold — below freezing at night by the end of the week. It’ll still be in the 40’s at night here.
Another magical sunset. So… we may just hang out here until it’s time to head back to Ojai.