An early morning. Lots to do before 8:30. So, I set an alarm. The first in weeks. I’m also sleeping much longer. It’s nice. This started after a shift, a relaxation, expansion of my experience of Pure Subjectivity. That space where one knows and is experiencing life as a subjective process, not an objective, outside process. Anyway, my historical sleep pattern is about 7 hours a night. For a few weeks I’ve been sleeping 9-10 hours, with an occasional 12 thrown in. Unheard of in this life.
Being back in City of Rocks is like returning home.
A look at our rolling home from the picnic table.

I love this park. The energy is so ancient, deep quiet, the forces of the earth’s surface formation… Sherman knows this place too. When we drove in two days ago, he got up, feet on the dash, excited, ready to get out and walk among the rocks and watch rabbits!
This morning, we walk.
Geo-engineering (Chem-trails) is alive and well in New Mexico.
An hour later the trails have been spread out by the wind. And in this pic you can see an actual airplane contrail about 3/4 of the way up the photo just to the right of center. Contrails disappear as the ice crystals melt. Geoengineering trails do not disappear. They dissipate into an unnatural “cloud” cover.
For people who still think this is a conspiracy theory… do some research. You can get a degree in Geo-Engineering. Look up cloud types. None of them naturally occur in straight lines. None of them occur at right angles to others.
We walked across this wash where the dirt was gone down to the rock. Only this morning did I realize that this rock was the same compacted volcanic ash that the rock formations are made of.
I drive to Silver City so I have LTE for an online talk by Anadi, an explorer of the inner realm that I like a lot, at 8:30. Then, a Skype session with 2 male friends in Ojai. Then, to Javalina to finish syncing photos between phone and Mac. Then begin our meander westward…
We leave Javalina about 5pm. Photos has not finished syncing. There was over a GB of photos to sync and in 4 hours only 800MB has synced. Oh well… gotta go.
We’re going to be hugging the Mexican border as much as we can. Staying off freeways unless that’s all there is… In a couple spots the road West is 50 miles of county dirt roads. Those we’ll circumvent by going north as far as needed to find a paved road.
My intent is to get as close to the Coronado National Monument as we can. From Silver City we head southwest toward Douglas and Bisbee, AZ. When it’s about 5pm, I pull over to look at where we are vs. camping places. The only place I can find that’s close to the road we’re on is before the town of Bisbee.
The directions from the app: “Added in 2014: Starshine Desert: From AZ 80 go north on Central Hwy (all dirt roads) 3 miles. Turn left.(this is into a driveway, but doesn’t say that). Once you come to a gate, go through it and take an immediate right. Go til you get to the fork. Take the left fork. Take the first right. Go 1/4 mile and it’s on the righthand side of the road. My husband and I own ten acres out her and want everyone to feel welcome. We’re starting a sustainable farm and invite you to help. if you just want to camp in peace, that’s cool too. See you soon.”
At 3 miles I see a driveway with a mailbox. It doesn’t say Starshine Desert, it says Something Rainbow. So I drive on. In another mile there’s not another road or drive. So, I turn around, go back and down the drive. It about a mile, there’s a closed gate. I go through, re-close it, and take the immediate right. In a bit there’s a fork. I go left. Then right. A quarter mile down the road there’s nothing that looks like a sustainable farm. There’s a fenced in area — new fence — with an old abandoned RV. Next door is a well, a horribly built beginning of a little cabin, a storage shed with stuff outside inside a fence that says Private Stuff. I think this is it. I’m counting on the well being the give away that someone thought they were going to farm here. But, this it desert. There’s not any dirt that will grow a crop. Oh, well. No one around. I followed directions. We’re here. It’s quiet and we stay.

It’s dusk, so I quickly rearrange the van and Sherman and I go for a walk further down the road. There are tire tracks, so someone drives in and out here…
I’m feeling vulnerable. Interesting that when totally alone, probably the most safe, that vulnerable feeling arises. When it a city, where it’s definitely less safe, there’s a feeling of safety in numbers. As we walk and I allow the feeling to come, a shiver goes up my spine, and the feeing dissipates.

Amazing sunset. Colors I haven’t seen before that I recall.
We eat in the van and I watch two episodes of Limitless that I downloaded at Javalina. I haven’t watch Netflix in months. My chemistry is totally fucked up when I’m done and light out to sleep Heart rate is high. Anxiety and stress hormones up. Body restless. I notice it takes about 20 minutes for the chemistry to begin to balance. Interesting… I used to watch TV/Movies every night before going to sleep.