We arise early and take a walk up a side road that leads to another camping area.

Fascinated by this mountain. The rock sheets just laying over the bubble pushed up from under the surface.

Love these tiny flowers dotted in the grass.
The sun and rays looked just like this! It’s not a lens flare.
Lots and lots of this bush in bloom. Quarter inch blooms.
A closeup. Amazed at the photos quality of photos by my iPhone 7 Plus.
Interspersed with the little yellow blushing red ones.
The sounds of gunshots and loud music said it was time to go. I thought we’d stay here for the weekend but…
Back at the intersection of closed roads is a sign to the Trail of 100 Giants. Two miles. This is one on the few Sequoia stands that are not in the National Park. When we get there everything is closed. The campgrounds. The trailhead parking. The trail hasn’t had its spring cleaning.
We park a ways down the road and walk back to the trail. There are another half dozen cars.
This is a downed Douglas Fir. It’s shoulder height. Not even to the Sequoia yet.
First Sequoia. About 15 feet across the bottom.

A fallen Giant. This broken branch is waist high where it joined the trunk.
A clump of five Sequoia behind the fallen one.
Standing on on the top end of the fallen one looking toward the roots. This is a double trunked tree.
Looking from the roots. The left trunk looks like a whale on its back with front leg fins raised.

A video from my feet near the roots to the top of the tree growing by The Fallen One’s head.
When we leave I notice I’m very low on gas. I think the road we’re on may lead back to Johnsondale. If so we’d be there in 4-5 miles. In 6 miles we’re still going up, so I turn around and head back to Kernville to fill up.
Then we head back up the river exploring side roads looking for a new place to stay.
I didn’t find a big Yes site. We stay in a dispersed site on the river called Ant Canyon. It’s ok. We’re a little off the road. Hidden from road view. On the end of s loop that’s pretty quiet. 
We walk before dinner. This is how many of the roads look. The van can’t do this much washout.
Tomorrow we’re going to head over the pass to California Hot Springs.