Woke to A beautiful morning on Bolinas Ridge. I’m learning to trust the process again. What I mean by that is to stop second-guessing, to stop assuming I know how things are, and assuming I know how things aren’t.
Yesterday we began outside of Monterey at a campground next to a motor Speedway owned by Mazda. First I thought it was an odd combination. But then I realized that people coming to watch multi-day races need a place to stay! There aren’t any hotels nearby. So campgrounds for RVs and a little one for tents. The campground was fabulous. Nice laid out sites, spacious, clean, shower building, hiking trails, etc.

I was planning on hanging out there until about noon. But, about 9 AM the announcers at the racetrack started. At least two of them, possibly three it was hard to tell, began saying something through their loudspeakers. Each loudspeaker was echoing off the hills creating a cacophony that wasn’t understandable. Just loud, base, reverberating noise. That was the signal. Time to pack up and leave.
Go back to PCH and head north. It’s a four-lane highway through here. We drove through Santa Cruz and then back onto the two-lane highway.
The biggest surprise was how crowded everything was. Hoards of people and cars everywhere. I think this is the only time I’ve been along the coast here on a weekend. Maybe this is typical for Saturday. But wow, was it uninviting. At Moss Beach there weren’t many people but no dogs were allowed, as was the case on most beaches and trails in The Sur. So Sherman and I slowly fumble our way up the coast looking for a decent place to go for a walk. As we passed Big Basin Redwoods State Park thought about going there based on our experience there in the spring. But the volume of traffic, the energy felt like a wave pushing us North.
Sherman needed to get outside for a good run or walk. Since all the beaches seem to be dog unfriendly to the look on my iPhone for dog parks. Find one with good reviews in Seacliff. We went there and found about a dozen big dogs playing. Couple of them came over to make an overture to Sherman but too rough for him so he sat by me. 15 minutes of that we left went for a walk around the baseball and soccer fields. We got back on PCH and saw a sign for a beach. Had a flash maybe it would be dog friendly since the town had a dog park. Turned out to be accurate. Long Beach with the Boardwalk. Was hoping I’d see some dogs running loose on the beach. But no, they were all on leashes. So we walked from one end of the boardwalk to the other and back to the car – about 3 miles. Then headed north again.
In the spring we’d had a fabulous time in half Moon Bay. This time it was horrid. We drove on. Contacted friends in San Francisco to see about coming to visit early, and it didn’t work. So, we drove on through the city and headed for Muir Beach back on PCH. Again parking lot full, cars parked on the street for at least a mile. We drove on. Gas was low so I asked Siri for closest stations. There was one. In Bolinas. We got gas at Bo-Gas. Owned by a local collective that uses its profits to support something environmental, I forgot. Bolinas too was packed, but, it felt like an area I could find a place to stealth camp. I saw a couple places going out of town that might be possible but not perfect. So I looked at the map. Directly across PCH from the road into Bolinas was a road that went way up the mountain. We headed up the road and found two nice turnouts on the coastal side with views of the inlet and the Bolinas Peninsula. Something had me keep on driving. Where does this road go? A few miles later… An answer! 
A trailhead to two trails. Exactly what I’ve been looking for, and seemingly heading toward, all day. One direction was into the state park, no dogs. The other direction, yes dogs. 

We went for about a 30 minute hike on the yes dogs trail and then back down the road to one of the turnouts for dinner and sleep.
So, now here we are awake, freshly peed, written and ready to return to the trail. We’re up for an 8 mile hike this morning. Sherman is stretched out on the quilt having a before hike nap. He’s so tired after sleeping all night!