We spent the whole day here on Bolinas Ridge. Actually on Fairfax–Bolinas Rd. and The Golden State Recreational Area. 

The hike was wonderful. I let Sherman off the leash for most of the hike. He had so much fun! Two points in the hike where we’d been in the sun for a while and he was hot, we walked by water puddles in large tire tracks. He walked right into the mud, had a drink of water, walked out. 

My immediate reaction was oh no! Then, I saw that he was taking care of himself. He knew exactly what he needed. The second mud puddle, on the way back, he laid down in, got his belly in his butt all covered with mud. Then, he walked out of the puddle, lay down on the wet muddy ground. Based on the shape of his panting tongue, his body temperature dropped rapidly. The human animal was all about what do I need to do to get you ready to get back into the van?

We passed an area of redwoods that were spotted with old and very large — 6 feet plus — stumps. One of them was quite flat and had a very slight angle. I immediately knew it was a meditation cushion! We were about two thirds of the way to our turnaround point and I knew I wanted to stop and sit on and with this stump when we’re on the way back.

The cushion awaits. 

Sherman in deep samadhi. 
I found it interesting that there were two inter-penetrating forests. Oak forests and redwood forests. I tried to understand what the difference was in elevation or topography or compass orientation that would have one or the other be dominant. But I couldn’t see anything consistent. It all just seemed random with one exception, the redwoods created a denser canopy and more shade. Walking back and forth between the two zones I noticed it wasn’t just shade. There are areas of protracted shade but the redwood shade was definitely cooler. Then I noticed it wasn’t the shade. It was the humidity. The ground was different under the redwoods. It was moist. And the slight evaporation from that moist earth cooled the air. Around under the Oaks was dry. So, there’s the difference. But, which came first? The trees or the soil?
More pics …

Glad to see there are still Ents in the world. 

Beautiful light play…

Sherman cleaning my wound. A true friend! Scratched it stepping over a branch the night before. 

Not a big selfie fan…