Stayed here last night. A beautiful park in a nice redwood grove. But… right on the 101. I didn’t even think about that when we stopped. The traffic noise was VERY loud all night. I did my best to hear it as a strong wind. That worked pretty well until a loud chugging truck came up the hill and passed by.
I’d used an inverter plugged into the cigarette lighter in the van to change the laptop. The cigarette lighter had stopped working. I assumed it blew a fuse. So, I opened the hood to look. No blow fuses. Hmmmmm…..
I started the car and no starting sounds happened. What did happen is the instrument panel light — the whole thing, not the dummy lights — flashed on and off. That was all the mind needed to create a disaster. FUCK! I thought. Something’s terribly wrong. It’s going to cost me at least $1000. Maybe $2000. Shit… I only have $3000. Then what?!@
Ok. New thought pattern. Go!
Q: What were you doing just before this happened?
A: Checking the fuses.
Q: OK. Look at the fuses again. Maybe you put one in upside down, or in the wrong place, or not properly seated.
A: I checked. They were all fine.
Q: Look it up online. See if anyone has ever had this happen.
A: I looked. All I found was someone with a new Toyota truck. He was sure the whole truck had died and wished he’d bought a Chevy. That made me feel better…
Q: Look again.
A: OK. Found another reference. A chat window popped up.
“Can I help you?” Well, yes. I typed in the story. “Great,” she said, “let me connect you to a mechanic. I’ll just send you a form where you can pay $20 for their answer.” I almost did it. Then thought, “Hey! I have a great mechanic. I’ll call him!”
I did. He said it sounded like the battery was dead. Had I left the doors open for a extended period of time? Well… How’s 4 hours? He chuckled. Yep. That could do it! You need a jump. Thanks Gary.
I was walking toward the park gate when I walked by a man and asked him if he had jumper cables. He did. The van started right up. Thank you!! Thanks for asking he said.
Learning so many things about living this way. Today’s lesson:
Don’t leave the doors open when they don’t need to be open!
And the program I’m typing this in thinks that when I type The Doors I mean the musical Doors. It auto capitalizes the words. Love it. Tells me something about the people who did the programming. Ha!
UPDATE: Doesn’t seem to be a battery drain. At this point it’s an unknown. And, I found the switches to turn off all the internal lights as doors are opened. That way I can turn the ones on I want on, instead of them all being on by default.