As we were going to sleep last night I wanted to open the front windows a couple of inches. I got the key, leaned over from the back, turned the ignition to auxiliary and — the blinking instrument panel thing happened again. I thought, “it’s a good thing I bought those jumper cables in Eureka!” In my mind I went through the vehicles that were parked in the camping/parking area and made my plan for the morning of which vehicles would be easiest and best to get a jump from. But, when we woke up the first thing I did was try to start the van, and it started right up. So, now I have two instances of the same issue with possibly different results. One needed a jump, though I didn’t let it sit overnight after the instrument panel blinking first happened, and one that started normally after sitting for about 8 hours. Had me concerned enough that I was looking at a map to figure out where I can try to get it looked at. 
We drove north and took the scenic road through Redwoods National Park. There are hundreds of acres of virgin redwood forest here. These are BIG trees. I’ve driven down this coast here a couple times and don’t remember going through these parks. Hard to believe I didn’t. Don’t know. Don’t remember. Don’t remember more and more… another story…

We found a road/trail that was yes dog. Took about a 5 mi hike in and back. 

Very big. Very tall. 

What makes one tree spiral like this?

More Ents. It’s a good thing they’re still around. We may need them in the coming years. 
I was 10 miles from Oregon. The first town in Oregon is Brookings. {{Yep! Oregon! Hot damn!}} I called AAA to see if there was a AAA recommended mechanic in town. There was. A tire shop that did repairs. I went there and they couldn’t see me till Monday. They recommended two other places in town that I drove by. Being Saturday they were both closed. So we drove north. Sherman needed to run. We found a beach a little north of Brookings and stopped. It was windy! The wind must’ve been over 30 miles an hour. 
​We started on the beach with the wind at our backs. Sherman chased seagulls, played with the waves, and we ran together down the beach as far as my lungs would carry me. 

Look out Sherman. A giant land shark!
About a half an hour down the beach we turned around to come back — into the wind. That was work. I tried to run, Sherman tried to run. Running was not possible. As we got near where the car was parked and headed into the dry sand away from the beach, I could feel the wind blowing sand stinging my legs. Sherman is at that same height. I thought of the sand blowing into his fur and eyes. So, I picked him up and carried him over that section. The wind had totally dried him out from his ocean frolic. We headed north again. Target Coos Bay.
As we were driving into town I was thinking that we needed a Zero Day. A day where we didn’t drive. Maybe Coos or surrounding area would be nice? Right then the read curved and there was a big Toyota dealer. Oh! Maybe they can diagnose what’s happening with the van? I pulled in and was told that service was closed until Monday morning, but the Service Manager was still there. I went in and asked if I could talk with him. He came out. I described the problem. He had never heard of it. Apologized for being closed at 4pm on Saturday. No problem! I was thrilled that he was there. He said his best mechanic would be there Monday. Great! What time should I come in? About 10 would be good. Great! See you at 10. Can I bring my dog in? Of course! We even have a 100 ft dog area out back with poop bags and water. Our kind of car place!
So… 2 nights in Coos it is. I checked the free camping app. There’s a free campsite on Bastendorf Beach, about 20 minutes from town. So, off we headed. I thought, “This is Saturday. It’s going to be packed. I should probably just head elsewhere.” But something felt “no, continue”, so we did. Got there and it turns out it’s not a campground at all. Feels like the city finally just surrendered to the people. For about a half mile there are signs that the new rule is that you can only spend one 24 hour period in the park in a 14 day period. There are cars pulled through the trees up onto the top of the dunes with tents pitched. There are cars, vans and van RVs pulled in between the trees. It’s pretty much a free for all. But the area is large enough the everyone is naturally quite spread out. We’re between the trees in a pretty level spot.

After we got settled in a bit I took off my shoes and Sherman and I went for our walk on the beach. Saw these strange and interresting things. Like clear cupcake/muffin baking papers. 

Then back to the van for dinner. I was sitting in my REI flex light chair cooking Indian meal from Trader Joe’s in my little jet boil stove Sherman was eating his dinner on his eating and stick chewing towel. A guy about my age walked up to ask about the stove. He flown to Sacramento from the East Coast and had rented a car, bought some basic gear and had been wandering the West Coast for 6 weeks. Not determined to move but kinda looking for places he might like to live.
It’s cold here. About 55° and breezy. After dinner and another little walk up the van and crawled in to write. It was 630. I’m going to work on getting what I’ve written on the blog.