I wanted to get a good 5 miles of walking in today. We started with the beach with 2 miles of walking, running on the beach. I saw more of those strange, clear cupcake bakers.

It finally dawned on me what they are.

They’re little jellyfish washed in with the tide. I don’t know how they get from their little jelly globs to these flat transparent things on the beach. Part of jellyfish dying I guess. There are broken bits of them around the high tide line that create an iridescent pattern.
I didn’t want to spend the day at the beach. The wind was intense. Temp of 55-60 and very strong onshore winds. So, during breakfast I was looking for local hiking trails. Not much that’s not at the beach! I found a 40 mile scenic road/trail called Seven Devils Road and Seven Devils Trail out here on the peninsula. I found a 3 mile trail that connecting to another road. That looked good. So we headed over there. When we got to the trailhead there was a sign saying, “This is a private recreation area. If you don’t have a signed lease, stay out!” We stayed out.
I was headed back to a road I’d notices on the way here when I thought, “We can just hike on Seven Devils Road after it split off the main road and is gravel.” Drove a half-mile and parked on a small turnout, got our stuff together and headed off for a 3-4 mile hike.
A car came up the road as we began. Then a pickup pulling a trailer of cut firewood. I’m thinking this might not be a good place after all. With what seemed like a fair amount of traffic, I kept Sherman on his leash.
My description is that he’s not car smart. That’s not quite right. He’s inside car smart. And outside car smart if it’s not moving. I don’t know what his impressions are when a car is moving. At the dog park in Ojai he races the cars that come down the side road. He has a swagger when he can beat them from one end to the other. He’s running so full out that he frequently runs into the fence as he’s stopping… When he’s walking on a leash and a car goes by he seems to mostly ignore them, but if one is too close he reacts by backing up or going sideways to get further away. Off leash it’s pretty much the same if he’s on the other side of the road. But, when both are on the same side, he doesn’t seem to know what to do. Maybe he does sense that there’s a danger and his senses don’t give him a clear path to safety.
Back to the Coos Bay story… The road’s well graded and all downhill. We don’t so another car, so at 2 miles when we turn around I let him off the leash. It’s all uphill. He’s stays his usual 25-50 feet. One car comes down the road against us. She sees him from quite a way away and slows down until I grab him.
We got back to the car and I go to leash him to get into the car and don’t have the lease. I’d left it by the road where we’d stopped to drink water. Hmmmmm… How to get Sherman in the car without the leash. He understands walking up the van with the leash on, the door opening and him jumping in. What will happen?
He knows he’s not on the leash, and decides it’s time for a game of You Can’t Catch Me! I see the game developing and drop out. This is a game that a human cannot win. So I walk in his direction for about 10 feet then turn around and call him. He sees I’ve changed direction and comes running to catch up to me. I call him and give him a treat when he arrives, pet him and pick him up. Score one for the humans!
I want to sit out of the wind. It’s been so windy and so cold. We head into town. I’m thinking a cafe or restaurant with a patio. As we approach Coos Bay I see a sign for Mingus Park. The van turns itself and we go to Mingus Park. I look on the map and it’s a quite large city park. We’re at one end of it. There’s a duck pond with a path around it. We walk the path. Pretty quickly I see that there a dozens of people walking around the park, singly and in groups, playing Pokemon GO. OMG! We walk up the left side of the pond and take a small gravel path. About 20 feet up this path is a bench nestled into some trees up against a berm and there is NO wind.

This is the place I was wanting! We stay for about 2 hours. I finish updating my blog posts with pictures and do another text edit. I’d dictated most of the early ones and they have some pretty weird errors in them.
When it feels time to go, we walk further up the path. Turns out the pond is in one small corner of the park. The trail goes up into a city woods. Much like the Arcata Community Forest, but pines and not redwoods. It’s beautiful. We walk a bit than return to the car. I look for a dog friendly restaurant. The only one I can find is German food. Mostly sausage stuff. Not what I eat… So, we return to the Beach for dinner and a beach walk. We stop and watch the sun set.

We walk back to the van and crawl in. I’m here typing. Sherman’s curled up against my leg. Very tired after his eventful day.
Gonna send my MailChimp invite to “wynfinity travels…” blog now…