I have integration dreams and problem solving dreams. I recall two dreams from last night. One of each.

Integration Dream:
I was at a meeting. A political meeting. It was a group that was important. We were going to be on the radio doing our pitch for the cause. On air time was coming and the organizer was lining up the speakers. The primary speaker was ready to go. The On-Air light came on and she person started to speak. After a minute she began to stumble, to freeze up. As she was trying to regain her train of thought, the organizer took the mike from her and handed it to me. I was surprised. I was not the planned second speaker.
I began,

“Hi. My name is Wyn. I wrote a piece a week ago from the Humboldt Redwood Forest. It’s main observation was that this old forest I was sitting in was not a the result of the survival of the fittest. It was not a battleground for resources in which we were looking at the winners. It was an intricate web of symbiosis. Of cooperation. Of community. Of species living together and sharing resources. That trees are not individuals. They are a community that thrives together. That makes community decisions.
I shared my experience of visiting two primal forests. Forests that had not been altered by man. One in New Hampshire and one in North Carolina. The energy here is one of silence. Not the silence of sound, but the silence of stillness, of wisdom. The ancient trees carry and exude a knowing wisdom.
I recently drove through Redwood National Park and hiked a little in a primal redwood forest. Some of the trees are 2000 years old. They are enormous! The are the elders. The ancient ones who hold the history, the stories of their community. They are the hubs of the network of life in their communities.”
I paused and took a drink of water, and continued, “Then yesterday a friend asked me if I’d heard the new Podcast from Radiolab called From Tree to Shining Tree. I listened driving north up the PCH. Here is science studying exactly what I was talking about. The communication network between trees. The sharing of resources between trees. The partnership with fungi where the trees give the fungi sugar (food) and the fungi give the tree minerals that allow them to grow large and strong. There’s so much more, it’s worth a listen.
I remember hearing a TED talk by Paul Stamets, about the mycelium, fungal roots being the communication network between trees and other plants.
In another talk he shares research into the relationship between wild bees and old growth forests. There is a particular fungi that lives only in old growth forests that exudes a substance that the bees collect and take back to their hives. It is a major factor in the health of the hive. He believes that the worldwide demise of old growth forests may be a major factor in bee colony collapse. He and friends are testing feeding this substance to troubled hives with surprising results.
The point of this is that science is now studying things that have been known about for generations. The web, interconnectedness, interdependence of lives. This symbiotic world was part of the lore that was held by our human elders and passed on to new generations. We — the progress equals growth and the market will always find the best solution tribe — killed off the human elders, by destroying their sustainability societies.
Now science is beginning to discover that what they spoke of was correct. This is not an earth of competition. It’s an earth of cooperation. In killing off the elders who knew this from their experience of seeing the world from an integrated heart-mind, we lost our cultural touchstone to these truths. So now science is leading us back to this information. But science does not lead us to the experience of this being true. To the awakening of our integrated heart-mind. Perhaps this is the reason for such an explosion of spiritual investigation into the nature of the real. Perhaps it’s these two paths, hand in hand that are bringing us back to wholeness.
I realize this is a political show. Can your hear that this IS a political conversation. How do we get our politics realigned with the naturally occurring, symbiotic, cooperating community models that are all around us? Within which we live. Within which our very survival depends. We can’t be individuals first and survive. We must be good members of the community first and individuals second. Is there time for this shift to take place before our slow individualistic suicidal movement is completed?
The information exists. Practices that support the shift exist. How do we get them into our communities? How do we get them into our organizations? How do we get them into our schools? How do we get them into our politics?
That’s all I have. Thank you.”
I gave the mike back to the organizer.
End of dream.
Link to Radiolab show: From Tree to Shining Tree
Link to Paul Stement’s talk on Mycelium and bee colony collapse disorder:

Problem solving dream in pre-awake state:
I’m on the phone with Abe, the owner of a Car Stereo place in Warrington, OR that I’ve been referred to by the Toyota Service Manager there.
“Hi, Abe. I was referred to you by the Toyota dealer near you for an odd issue that’s happening with my van. Here’s what I know so far that relates to my issue. I bought the van 2 years ago from the original owners. They drove it for 10 years, then gave it the wife’s father. He added the trailer hitch and the alarm system. His plan was to hook up his his trailer and go fishing. A year later he had a stroke and could no longer drive. The van pretty much sat in his garage for the next 5 years. It was occasionally driven by family during visits. Maybe a half dozen times a year. When he died the original owners took back the van. The wife drove it daily to work and for personal use. She didn’t like the alarm which kept going off, so they had the wire that goes to the alarm speakers cut. This means the alarm no longer makes any sound.
OK. Now I’m on the road from Southern California headed up the coast. About a week ago, I get packed in the morning and put in the key to start her up and hit the road. Nothing happens in regard to the starter. No starter noise. No click. Nothing. What does happen is that the instrument panel back-lights blink on and off a few times, then stop blinking. All the other electrical items work. Lights, door locks, etc. After trying what I can think of for 30 minutes I call my mechanic in SoCal. He says it sounds like a voltage failure. Maybe the battery. Try to get a jump. So I do. The van starts right up and is normal for days.
Three days ago I’m camping 20 miles inland and it’s warm. I want to put down the windows. I get the keys and turn the ignition to auxiliary. The instrument panel blinks. I roll down the windows. In the morning it starts normally and his been fine until today.
I took the van to the Toyota dealer in Coos Bay. They did a complete electrical system check and it was all perfect. The mechanic said he thought it may have to do with the after market alarm, so he disconnected it. He changed the wiring to go directly from the ignition to the starter instead of to the alarm and then to the starter.
My dad’s question was in my mind, “What would stop power from getting from the ignition to the starter while allowing all other electrical system to function normally?” His guess was the starter solenoid.
But I think it’s the alarm. I think what’s happening is that the van is locked which sets the alarm. I’m sleeping in the van. I move around in some manner that sets off the alarm, but since the alarm speaker wire is cut it makes no sound. When I put the key in the ignition without turning off the alarm, the van won’t start and the instrument panel lights blink.
He said, “That sounds very plausible. Off-hand I can’t think of any other explanation that makes sense.”
I woke up. Lay there smiling. Knowing I’d figured it out!
I actually called Abe later in the day. We had a similar conversation. He asked a couple other questions, and agrees that this is probably what happened. He said most alarm systems have a valet mode that lets the door locks function but turns off the alarm. He’ll hook the alarm back up and try to get it into that mode. Then all should be good. Seeing him on Thursday!