Last night a couple moving to Beaverton, Oregon from Phoenix drove into the campground. They had a beagle/bassethound mix. From a distance they were very interested in each other. From up close and personal, not so much. Nice people had a lovely talk for awhile.
This morning Sherman and I got up and headed for a hike on the Princess Tasha trail. We did a 5+mile out and back. As we went I got increasingly enamored by the Oregon woods here. Lots of tall, straight pines, reaching up to the sky. Ferns, sorrel, and other green leafy beings in between.Sherman was in heaven. Being the dog behind The Nose! He got to explore so many, many, many smells and odoriferous trails.
Into The Green Tunnel

So much moss!

A view of the area off trail dedicated to her.
Sherman up to his eyeballs in a hole full of scent!
Out of a video game.
I was testing the Delorme InReach to see how it was working with putting out 10 min interval markers. Learned that when they say it needs a clear, direct connection to the communication satellites, they really mean clear. Not under trees. As we were mostly hiking in what hikers call “The Green Tunnel”, it would create but not send the markers until the next clear sky spot. Then a group would go out at once. I didn’t know that. Last year hiking in the Sierra’s it wasn’t a problem. There’s not much of the John Muir Trail that’s Green Tunneled. So, good to know for the future. To intermittently find clear sky to send or receive info via that device.
When we got back to the start, there was a couple finishing packing up their van. They’d been in the one clear campsite last night when we got to the horse camp. Turns out they’ve been traveling and living in their van since early May when they left Minnesota. We traded stories, experiences, problems and solutions. Then we talked about trees and the underground beings living in community with them.
Learned about a couple van life community resources from them and shared a camping app I’d found that they didn’t know about. We both finished packing and headed out.
I found a Forest Service campground on the app that was about half way to Warrington. Small camp with about 12 sites. These Forest Service camps have a small number of sites — so far we’ve seen 8-15 — pit toilets, no showers or running water, no power. The sites are pretty well spaced. They’ve ranged from this one, about 15 miles off the main road, to Bastendorf Beach with about 100 unmarked sites and even the parking lots were open to car/van/RV camping. The cost ranges we’ve seen are from a high of $15 in Big Sur, $12 here and $0 at Bastendorf and others. Sites on BLM land are similar.

Hebo Lake Campground
We drove straight here with one dog walk, bathroom break at Hug Point.

Hug Point beach. Lots and lots of running room.

Bat Cave?

OMG! The ocean beings are calling Batman!

Thank God! At last…
And it’s about 15 minutes from lights out.
G’night moon.