We were only about 2 hours from Warrington so we had a leisurely breakfast. We got there about noon and drove by the Toyota Dealer. I knew the Car Stereo place was within a few blocks, so I could get there tomorrow. Next order of business was looking for a place to hang out with Sherman and internet. I drove through town. Looked at my BringFido app and dig-friendly.com website. They gave a half dozen brewery patios that were ok, but I don’t want any burger or brew. I went into Petco and asked there. They said a place they go is a cafĂ© about 15 min away. Ok. We head over. I notice a Starbucks with tables under a roof, but keep going. Their description of the other place sound nice. Well, we get there and there are 2 metal tables out front in the sun on a pretty busy street. Nice is definitely a sliding scale. So, back to Starbucks. So far the stand alone Starbucks have been pretty reliable for good outdoor seating. Only two non-Starbucks dog friendly shady Internet seatings on the trip so far. Guess I’m spoiled by Cup of Beans in Oak View.
I interneted for about 3 hours, then it’s time to go to the camp. The one that sounds nicest has a name that doesn’t match. Gnat River…

It’s about 20 min. A lovely little free Forest Service camp with 3 spots overlooking the river. Two are empty. I take the end one.

There’s a 7 mile trail across the bridge. Sherman and I go for a 4 mile hike through some absolutely beautiful woods. There are a few very large, old stumps. Some of them look like redwood. Some of the younger trees near the stumps also look redwood. As do many of the needles and pine cones.

When we return we have dinner, cleanup and sleep. Tomorrow’s the moment of truth regarding the alarm system and the flashing dash lights.