On the hike on the Princess Tasha Trail, there was one point where he went manic. I think I’ve heard the term threshold used in dog training literature. Like don’t let your dog go over their threshold. This is the point where the dog has disappeared into Dog. There may be fear and confusion present. The main thing is that the dog is not relating or responding to their human. When this happened, Sherman was running along the trail and went down a side trail to a gravel road. I waited for a minute as he normally checks it out and comes right back. This time he didn’t. I whistled and I clapped. No Sherman. So I went down to the road. No Sherman visible in either direction. Fuck. Which way did he go? If I go looking and am going the wrong way, and he comes back looking on the trail… not good…

I get a hit to go to the right. I walk about 100 yards to a curve, still calling his name and whistling. As I go around the curve, I see him way down the road. He hears the whistle and is listening around for the direction it’s come from. I wave my arms and whistle. I jog shuffling my feet in the gravel, call his name, whistle, wave my arms. He finally sees me and runs full speed back to me. But he’s still over the threshold. He was near, but going crazily into the woods on both sides of the road. When he’s in this state his whole being in NOSE.

The next time he returns to the road, I call his name, call This Way and turn around changing directions. He follows but runs past me. I do it again and kneel down with a treat. He comes to me for the treat. The spell is broken. He’s eyes are wildly darting and he is hot. His tongue is way out an spoon shaped — a sign of a dog overheating.
I get him on the leash and we sit in the shade and have some water. I talk to him and pet him as he calms down and returns to the human relationship dog.
This has happened 3-4 times since we got Sherman. And today I think I noticed the sign that he’s headed toward his threshold. When we’re hiking and he’s off leash he stays within 50 ft. Occasionally that may go to 100 ft for a few seconds, but he quickly comes back when he notices he’s that far away. What happened on this day was that he started to go further away and stay further away. He started wandering further off the trail. Coming back, but the circle was getting bigger. I can remember this same thing happening once during a 7-8 mile hike in Ojai where he crossed his threshold. What I’m going to do in future is when I see this widening circle happening is slowdown. Maybe sit down. And get him on the leash for awhile. Then let him off again and see how if this resets him to his 50 ft circle.
I’ll let you know.