On the road about 8. Takes about an hour to get bathroomed and everything put away.
We head north…still. About 90 min later I see a turnoff to Quinault Rain Forest. We need some movement and air. We hike the educational loop trail.
Ferns everywhere. Luscious…

A monster Douglas Fir
The crown of the monster. 200ft up
Roots and broken tree on a cliff to the river.
Tree hugs. Just live it.
More hugs…
I didn’t realize that most of the Olympic Peninsula was a rain forest. The western slopes get up to 200 inches of rain a year. That’s an average of 16 inches a month. 4 inches a week. I’m curious. What would be like to live in that kind of a climate?Everything wet all the time except for July and August when it only averages about 4 inches of rain. Would I learn to love the weather? People I met did.
The educational plaques. I learned a lot.

We drive on.
I want to get to the Tacoma area today if possible.
The highway goes back to being right on the coast for about 50 miles. Pull into Beach 4. We go down to the beach. Sherman’s excited. He knows the beach means he gets to run. But today is beach cleanup day. There are a number of people and a forest ranger in the way of Sherman’s plan. He has to stay on the leash. So he and I run on the beach. I started running again, and it turns out that Sherman likes it when we run together.
The road was sunny. We walked down the cliff on a trail and the beach was fogged.
Most of the beach was little stones. Not much fine sand.
And a stump. And big rocks.
I used to be a runner. I did about 7 miles every day for years. Then, shin splints ended my running. I’m currently up to about a half-mile. Then, the body says stop. We walk a little bit and then run again. Sherman’s so happy when we start to run!Makes me 🙂
As Sherman ate breakfast in the parking lot, I asked the iPhone the best way to get to Seattle. Turns out there’s a ferry from Kingston to Edmonds. Saves about 100 miles and an hour of driving.
A bit later the highway was right on the edge of a gorgeous lake. The clouds were strung on the mountain peaks and the water was just brilliant in the low stage lighting.

The 101 goes through Port Angeles. I unsuccessfully look for an indoor internet spot. Go to an amazing organic natural foods grocery. And, find these wonderful sculptures on a two block section of a downtown street.

Onward to the Kingston area.
This brings us to the Walmart parking lot. All 24-hr Walmart Superstores are ok with RV and other vehicles overnighting. There aren’t any campgrounds nearby and I want to be close enough to the ferry to get a reasonably early start tomorrow.
There’s a Home Depot in this shopping area so I was able to get six 12 inch pieces of wood for under the tires to level the van when needed. Another item on my list before we left that didn’t get done.
Also a Petco. And they had the dry food that picky eater Sherman is eating well. So, another bag of that which should get us through to Michigan.
It was still light. So we went across to street side of the outside tables at a Starbucks. Sherman had his dinner. I had a decaf coffee. I consolidated my various mailing lists into one travel blog list and sent out another update.
Then night, night Walmart.