We wake up at Walmart. Go for a walk around the shopping mall green zones. After sleeping the best I can in the van without any window coverings, the day has come. I’m at Walmart and can get any supplies I need.
Before I left I just couldn’t think my way through the process. I saw a pickup truck with oversize window panels just pushed in and held by the pressure on the edges. I knew that wouldn’t work on my back windows that levered open. I needed a good clean fit.
I looked at one of the side windows from inside and outside. There’s a black painted border on the inside of the windows. This is the basic size I need the panel. How the hell am I going to see through something to draw this on a template? Tissue paper comes to mind. I get white tissue paper. I can’t see through it enough to find the black paint line. The inside lights? I try. Not bright enough. I have a super bright flashlight. I set it up so that it’s aimed at the window. That works. I can move my head to find the line where I can no longer see the light. That’s the line.
I start on one side window.

As I setup, I see that I need to tape two pieces of tissue paper together. Back to Walmart. I get this one drawn and cut it out with scissors. The top fits fine. The bottom is too small. I put it in place and mark places for 1/2”, 1”, and 1 1/2” too small as it goes across the bottom edge. When I put the tissue paper down on the foil to trace I add this amount and cut it out. It works! Now to the back side window. I discover it’s easier to hold the paper in place and peal it back to the point I can see the black line and mark it. Then I connect the dots. That worked better. I cut out this one and test. It too is the correct size. I trace these and cut out a duplicate of each. I now have my side window covers. However, there’s not enough of my window shade rolls left for the other windows. So, back to Walmart. I get two folding window shades. One for front window which won’t need cutting. And one for back window that will need cutting. But, it’ll also work by just standing it up my platform in front of the window. That leaves the driver and passenger side windows. I can’t use the same system since I want to be able to keep the windows down a couple inches for air. Maybe I can do without anything on these. I’ll see in the next couple times I use them. If I do want them covered I’ll use those light-weight, fabric covered, twisty in a circle, metal frame thingys.
It never occurs to me until afterwards to take pictures of things like this…
I find a place to store the window covers and we head for the ferry. Its about 30 min drive. I pay $18.20. We’re directed to park in the 11:15 maybe line. If we miss that one, it’ll be 11:55. We make it on at 11:15 and cross uneventfully. Sherman’s a little nervous, so I stay in the van with him. We get off on the other side and head for COSTCO. This is going to be a last errands before Canada day. It may take the whole day. We’ll see.
COSTCO doesn’t have what I’m looking for. Quantities of Lara Bars and/or Cliff Bars. And… I am overwhelmed by the sensory inputs of being in a city with the traffic and the piles and piles of stuff, stuff, stuff.
Then to Trader Joe’s. Success here.  😎
I’ve been thinking of getting Sherman’s hair trimmed. I search for Pet Spa’s on Apple Maps and there are about 20 within 5 miles. I start looking through them and the one’s with decent reviews, I go to Yelp for more info. I narrow it down to 2. I’m dialing the number to one and get a hit to call the other one. They can take us if I’m there within 30 minutes. I’m 5 minutes away. I see all the dogs there are getting short puppy cuts. That is NOT what I want. So, I give my instructions: We’re headed for a 30-day hike where it’s going to be cool to cold. I don’t want his hair short. No clippers. A scissor cut. I want a trim. Even it up. When done it should be NO shorter that one-half of its current length. DO NOT cut anything from the mouth up on his head. A little trim under the chin in ok. A little extra on the rompers. A woman who I’ve not been talking to, but has been listening comes over and says, “Let me see if I heard everything.” And repeats it back. YES! She makes nice to Sherman. He gives her a lick. She picks him up and says she’ll give him his bath. I feel pretty good. Still nervous. I’ve told other groomers what I wanted, think they understand and come back to find they did what THEY wanted.
As I’m leaving, I asked how long. They say to plan an 3 hours. That takes me back. Huh? Why so long? She says that’s just their standard plan on. It’s frequently shorter. They’ll call if it is. I say I’ll be in the parking lot going through stuff in the van.
I pull out each box in the van looking for items I can leave with a Salvation Army that’s down the road. I come up with an arm load. Not as much as I’d hoped. It did give me more room in boxes. Good. But not much in terms of weight. The heavy boxes are kitchen, food, pottery. Not a lot I can do about that except to keep eating down the staples I started with when I packed up my kitchen. Those boxes are down about a third.
I get a call that he’s done in about 90 minutes. As I walk in I see a dog that I think is him on the front trim table. I freak! Totally short! Then I notice the dog is only half size. So unless when they blew-dried him they used the super high heat and shrunk him… Take a breath…
He comes out wagging his tail, looking perfect. They did an awesome job! The women who trimmed him comes over to talk and say how sweet he is. She asks if this is what I wanted? “Yes,” I say. You did an awesome job. She has a big smile.
Mr. Blow Dry
We get in the van. He’s all wiggly and face licky. Does that mean he’s happy with his doo? Or that he’s happy I came and rescued him from the place I’d left him? We drive on, headed for the border and stop in a Rest Area on the 5 near Custer, WA.