I was hoping to take Sherman for a good walk on the early morning golf course. But it was thick it’s both dew and mosquitos. So, a short walk and Sherman in the van and me in the shower. Not the ambiance of a beautiful CA State Park, but all the amenities.
We headed east. I noticed all the small county dirt roads that criss-cross the farmland and thought I could take Sherman for a run-walk in one of these. I chose one and was looking for a good place to stop that wouldn’t interfere with any traffic. Within five minutes two cars passed me going at least 100 kph. Wrong road.

fullsizeoutput_18e5Grain forever…
fullsizeoutput_18edFallow lands. Maybe in their recovery period…
fullsizeoutput_18e6And Sherman wondering why he’s in the car and I’m outside taking photos.
A while later there’s a sign to Lafleche. Says there a park. Ok. Let’s see if there’s a good place to run. I find the city park with camping spots and baseball diamonds.
fullsizeoutput_18e2And my first sighting of a local Curling Club!
We enter a baseball diamond that looks like it’s fully fenced except for small gaps for the players to enter and exit. I let him off the leash. He takes off running in circles. Running across the field and back. i chase him and he plays running-dance with me. Then he heads off running the fence. He does this everywhere he is let off leash and there’s a fence. As he’s running around the outfield, I see there’s a place the fence is broken over along the right field foul line. He gets the the opening and stops. He looks through the opening. Looks at me. Looks at the opening. Looks at me. Looks at the opening and runs through. He’s off. Running the outside of the fence. Then off to the school that abuts the park. The in and out of house yards across the street. (A street that dead-ends at he school/park.) Then he’s back in my vicinity. I see that there’s nice playground nearby that has benches. I go there. Sherman’s now running fairly close to where I’m sitting. There’s a covered and 3-sided fenced sitting platform with benches 25 feet away. I go sit there. It about 10 mintutes, Sherman comes onto the platform, sniffs around and goes out for another run. Then he comes back and I tell him to come and offer a treat. He comes right over. I pick him up. We sit together on the bench for a couple minutes then I put on his leash.
I’m processing… I remember an animal intuitive I talked with once saying, “He’s always going to need to take himself for a walk. He’s not going to give it up. You go for hikes. He goes for runs.”  I’m trying to reconcile that with my desire that he stay close and safe. I don’t think they are reconcilable. We are both going to need to find a degree of surrender.
I’m realize I’m still effected by his manic shift last week. Don’t want that to happen again. And it’s not in my hands. Not sure it’s in Sherman’s paws.
Mid afternoon we stop in Weyburn, SK to get online and update the blog, plus take a driving break.
I call ATT because of a text I received that I’m already over my $40 – 200mb data limit. They’re data says I’m at 39mb. But they claim it takes 2-3 days for the actual data usage to get to them from foreign carriers. I ask how it’s possible to send a text saying I’m over? He doesn’t know. I’ve been on Airplane mode or wifi with a few exceptions. Using apps to find a place to stay. Using maps directions to get somewhere in town or out of town back to the highway. Certainly possible those visuals use that much data.
The agent tells me that he’ll watch my usage and up my plan limits as needed while eliminating any penalty charges.
After we got off the phone, I got another text saying I was $50 over my plan. But they can’t tell me anything in regard to that from tech support. Sounds like I’ll just pay the $120 for 800mb data plus 66% off any phone calls. So far I’ve made two. One to the banks 800# because my debit cards were not working in Canada. That was 8 minutes. Another to my friend about reconnoitering. That was 10 min. The first 4 calls were dropped and of course they charge a min of 1 minute.
The drive through Saskatchewan and into Manitoba is the same. Very large farms. Mostly cattle, a short grain, or fallow. Occasional corn. As we get close to and into Manitoba there are occasional sunflower farms. A few acres of sunflowers is a sight. I tried to find a good place to get s photo, but couldn’t get off the road near the lined up sunny heads.
The towns are farm towns. Equipment. Co-op storage, some processing, and transportation. Also co-op fuel. Now that my plastic works in Canada, I’ll get gas at one and see what co-op fuel means.
Tried to stop in Souris. My initial target. A smaller town than my guess from the map. There was a campground. Quite full with RVs lined up like in a sales lot. Not my place. So we drive on to Wawanesa. The park here is open and half empty. I find a spot that’s got some privacy. It’s after hours. I tried to find a place to pay. It’s another pay the water park person place. But they’re closed. I’ll see if anyone’s there in the morning.
We’re headed to Winnipeg to visit my first serious girlfriend. A small high school reunion. I realized a couple days ago that she was the first woman I’d known that I trusted, who turned out to be trustworthy. Where I could be vulnerable and be heard and seen. Not mom. Not sister. Not grandmother. It was the first crack in my training of what to expect from women.