My #1 mission for the day is to totally unpack the van. Go through all the boxes and shuffle some things around based on usage. This will be the 2nd time I’ve done the usage shuffle. And, while the van is empty go to vacuum and wash the car.
We talked ’til about 10. Dan was done with his project and planned to golf in the afternoon. Beth walked Sherman while I worked on the van. She took some great Sherman pics!

fullsizeoutput_1e23Love I love his expression! NEVER seen his tongue do this dance before.
fullsizeoutput_1e21Happy, happy guy!
Somewhere in here was a conversation about music we like. They are concert goers. I’ve not been. They keep up on some of the latest songs and bands. I don’t. So… not much overlap there. Though I did like the music Dan played of some of his now favorite groups while I worked on my blog. I don’t recall any of their names… For some reason this kind of data doesn’t stick. I have no velcro for this info. Oh, wait. I remember one. Adam Cohen. Leonard’s son.
Beth and I went for a walk with Sherman in the late afternoon. I said again how much I loved our being connected. And told her of my experience with two women I know. I was attracted to them the instant we met. Very attracted. But… I’d learned that my attraction mechanism was driven by my wounded “I’m broken, will you fix me?” I’d had a deep, lasting experience of not being broken a couple of years before these meetings. So, this was an old psychic machinery that still had momentum. It’s habitual movement had not run out of energy and entered a zero state. This left me in a state where I could feel the attraction run through the body, enjoy it, not have to do anything with it, not have to fix it or diminish it, AND be fully present in an interaction with them not being impacted by the delicious physical energy running through the system.
This was amazing! Discovering that feeling and being attracted to people is a wonderful thing. It’s not something that I needed to guard against, or control. Discovering that this manifestation doesn’t require any action. That it’s not a harbinger of romance. Not the beginning of the path to a sexual relationship. That it is simply life happening in all it’s glory.
Being with Beth after these experiences was wonderful. I was attracted to her as a human being. Enjoying her company. No fantasy about anything else required.
Dan and Beth took me out to dinner at a local restaurant called Blind Tiger. It’s a coffee shop and restaurant. The food was amazing. We split three entrees. The one I remember is rabbit. I hadn’t eaten rabbit for 30 years. The last time was when Eben and our friends daughter got thrown out of the restaurant. They were eating at their own table and making so much kid noise, they got sent out to the porch.
After dinner we were going to walk to the #1 ice cream place nearby located by the walking bridge over the river. Dan suggested we go home and get Sherman for the walk. His inclusion of Sherman really touched me. We walked the mile plus to the place. Got ice cream and walked back. I ate too much ice cream! And Sherman liked the ice cream. It was the first time he didn’t sniff and turn away from it.
A couple days before, I’d offered to do my Potter’s Guild slide show presentation. A kind of technical, personal, aesthetic retrospective journey of my 45+ years of being a potter.
I loved doing it. Sharing that major thread of my life. And they enjoyed and appreciated it. Warm feelings all around.
Here are a few sample slides from the early days.
WynThrowing Bowls. Always have LOVED to make bowls.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAsh glazed vase.Ash from our apple trees.
Iron Wash Vase5 This was supposed to look like the bowl below. Why it crawled and is textured..? We never figured it out.
Iron Wash Tea Bowl
One of the most favorite pots I’ve ever made.
Painted Vase2
Painted with spray enamel.
Colored glaze painted patterns. Loved doing these puzzles.
SAV-Lg Bowl-SAVOne glaze poured over another. Still have this pot. Use it for fruit on a counter.