We get up, walk around the area a bit and have breakfast.
We head to get the oil changed about 10. Two of the three oil lines are being run by women. Nice! Haven’t seen that in the CA. As she is checking the fluids she says the transmission fluid is brown and smells a little burnt. I should change it. I wonder if I’m getting scammed… I know it should be red. Waffle. Waffle. Waffle. OK. Change it.
When that is done I look at my phone for a local park where we can go for a walk. There’s a big one, Current River Park, around a small lake just to the east of town. We go there. The park and trails surround a lake and the river flowing in from the north. Very nice. We discover beautiful parts of the park and artwork scattered along the paths. Sweet! We spent the afternoon there and ate dinner along the lake.

Then back to Walmart for the night. In the morning we’ll do the loop around the lake again on our way out of town.