We walk around Current River Park Lake in morning in a few off and on sprinkles. An hour after we finish it starts raining pretty hard for hours.
We drive along the coast in the rain.
And we stop to look at amazing views of the lakes. Take some pics and take short pee walks when the rain either stops or drizzles. I get off at Red Rock Harbor. Turns out it’s a tiny town with a small harbor on the lake. Driving out I see a trailhead. We take a splendid 8 mile hike.
fullsizeoutput_1e3d This was amazing. See that little sailboat? Sherman sat and watched it cross the lake for 15-20 minutes the same way he watches an animal moving. When the sailboat moved out of sight, a motor boat left the harbor and he watched it cross the visible lake. So cute!
The provincial parks are crowded and more than I wanted to pay. We stopped in a rest area to eat dinner then drive on.
I looked on my free camping app and there is a comment that it was possible to stay in the Pebble Beach city park on the lake for one night. That was all I wanted! There are a series of nice signs on the highway about Pebble Beach, so we drive in and go to the water. The city park is nice. Lots of parking, a few picnic tables, and a couple trails leading from the parking areas into the woods along the lake. It’s raining. So, I back up in between the trails and turned off the van. We get ready to sleep and forgot about it all. A good sleep in the steady gentle rain.