Another driving day. Get up and go for a 15 minute walk on the same trail. We drive south for Chelsea. Should arrive around noon. A stop for gas and a walk about half way there. We arrive at 11:30.
fullsizeoutput_1e87My sister said the last time she took my mom to sit out here she said, “That man sure likes that ball.”
My dad comes out to meet us. He says we should go have lunch with my mom. So he moves his car out of his covered spot and I drive in. The shade keeps the car cool, so Sherman can nap in the van while we lunch.
As we walk in, I see her from the side in the dining room. From the back she has a braid in the middle of her head from the forehead to the neck. It looks good. And, not like her, if she were making the decisions.
We have institution lunch. It’s better than a few years ago, but still not great food. A minestrone type soup that is good. Then a ham and cheese melt sandwich, on a brownish whitebread with potato chips.
Mom is the same but a bit more gone since I was here 18 months ago. She has about a 2 sentence memory when she’s present. She’s mostly not present to the whole life around her. She doesn’t know who I am. Sometimes she remembers she has a son when it’s mentioned, but she doesn’t know that I am he!
After lunch I take in what we need to stay for a few days. I think we’ll leave on Friday. My sister’s coming down Wednesday and Thursday.
We talk. I start doing my research for an order from Amazon in order to finish my food needs to ship my resupply boxes for the Long Trail hike. We go to dinner and talk. Then it’s Monday evening Shuffleboard time. I think the last time I played Shuffleboard was when we were in Florida when I was 12. There are 2 guys there when we arrive. We play 3 games. The shuffleboard pucks are a variety of speeds, so the game is quite a hoot. One puck goes completely off the target end of the board with a gentle shove. Another stops before the second line with a harder shove. And they’re not labeled as to their glide quotient. It makes a fun, silly game.