After Winnipeg I tried free wifi in every city. The fastest download I found was 2.5mbs in a corp Starbucks. About the slowest broadband out there. I thought! 
But; the average found was 0.25mbs. Yes that’s right. 0.25mbs! 
This just isn’t enough throughput to do the posts with photos. So I’ll catch-up in small batches. I’m back in the US with 20-40mbs LTE. Yea! This was my biggest frustration being in little towns. 
Here’s how the megabit/sec math goes:
A megabit is 1,000,000 (1 million) bits. So .25mbs is 250,000 bits/sec.  
I was used to a range of 50-200mbs in SoCal. That’s 50 million – 200 million bits / sec. 
This was like using a modem. Anyone remember using modems and they were magic! Even at 9.6kbs. And then 14.4? Wow!
Some later modems got as high as 330,000bits/sec.