I’m leaving soon to start the Long Trail — today as I’m updating the blog. Time is running out. So, I’m going to put the relevant photos at the end of the post. I’ll get back to rearranging them at a later date. (I hope.)
Sherman and I walk to the end of Middle St. into the old cemetery. One thing I never remember seeing is that many of the old family plots have the family marker in the center and the graves arranged in a circle. It was very cool. Just felt harmonious and honorable. The roads in the old part also were curved.
The newer graves and all the newer sections are straight roads and graves arranged in a grid. Something happened culturally in this transition. The interest had shifted into what was efficient rather than what felt right.
It’s about a 4 mile round trip. So a good morning hike for us both.
Today I begin the food prep and organization for the Long Trail. We drive into Ann Arbor to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and REI. I buy 6 weeks worth of Cliff Bars, Lara Bars, Oatmeal and additions, individual items to mix for Trail Mix.
We get back about dinner time. We wind up eating with Paul and BJ. Wonderful people, may parents age. Late 80’s. Sharp and spunky.
After dinner, my dad played Bridge downstairs with friends while I unpacked and organized the food into it’s groups. Granola stuff together. Oatmeal stuff together. Bars together. Miscellaneous.
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