Sherman sees his first 2 squirrels this morning on our walk since we were in Winnipeg. That we haven’t seen one since we left, and that there seemed to be a squirrel per tree there, makes me think there was a squirrel convention happening in Winnipeg. Some of them are now starting to return home.
Started to get my food packs together for the hike. Made my own trail mix by putting my bags of almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, raisons, cranberries, blueberries, chocolate pieces and a few dried figs and apricots in a Trader Joe’s bag, mix them up, and then put them in Zip Lock Snack bags. 30 in total.
My sister, Sharon, arrives and we go to lunch. After lunch we go to visit mom and take Sherman. She’s very enamored by him. He’s cute. She pets him and he gives her a kiss. He seems to hold her attention longer than many other things.
Back at dad’s Sharon helps be put the oatmeal into bags and then helps put the dog food into bags. There are now filled Trader Joe’s bags. One filled with Oatmeal mixture. One filled with Trail Mix. One filled with dog food mix.
We go to dinner with Paul and BJ again. The conversation swings wide. Children. Pets. Hiking. The retirement home. Food. Moving. Vacations. Death.
After dinner they show the movie Flow in their movie theater. (Sharon doesn’t want to do movie. She leaves for a quiet night in a local motel. )The movie is about the commercialization of water. The corruption. The manipulation to gain corporate control. And the places where people hove gotten control of their water back. Also looks at small scale purification processes that are successful in many countries. A study in how to keep it local.
Very disturbing how the craving for money and power have totally screwed up the water supply in many places and take no responsibility. No surprises there, eh?
Back in his room, dad and I talked about he movie. I shared some other things I am aware of that aren’t in the movie. Not really an uplifting movie…
fullsizeoutput_1e7dMy dad shuffle boarding!