One afternoon I go with him to play sitting volleyball. What a riot! You can hit the ball as many times as necessary to get it over the net. It can bounce off of the ceiling — which changes the angle of the balls trajectory dramatically. And your butt has to remain on your chair.
We have conversation about life, religion, the nature of belief, god, death, traditions, my story of how did I got hooked to buddhism, his of how he got unhooked from christianity.
And my days are filled with packing and packing and packing food.
I make my tentative itinerary with shelter names, mileage, possible cities to ship food. Over 2 days I change the plan a couple of times. choosing to do 7 food drops instead of 4. Choosing to carry less weight for Sherman and I.
I ship the boxes and the framework for the hike is set.
My dad was so generous in allowing me to take over his apartment living room with all this. Food in piles everywhere slowly coming together into day sized piles and then into boxes.
I initially think I’ll leave on Friday. Then Saturday. Then Monday. Then Tuesday. And then finally Wednesday. It took sooooo much longer to do all the details that I imagined.
I had the best time ever with him this week. I promise to return after the hike, when I’m done in New England, before I head in what ever direction I’m heading then.
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