Eat breakfast with dad. Pack up my remaining things and help him with a couple computer things. Then over to see mom before leaving for Toledo to visit friends.
When we get to mom’s place, she is just finishing breakfast. I sit with her for about half an hour. She is quite attracted to Sherman again. I put him on my lap so she can easily reach him. She pets him awhile and he stands up, leans over and gives her a kiss. She laughs with a silly glee. It’s wonderful!
We drive the 90 minutes to Toledo to visit Jim and Norma. These are friends from Ojai. They’d moved to Chile a couple years ago, but what they hoped to create there didn’t materialize and they moved back to the states. Jim grew up in Toledo and they wound up there.
Norma made a delicious lunch and we traded our stories of what life had wrought during our travels.
Jim is a painter and sculptor. Toledo has a wonderful Museum of Art that’s free. We walk through 2 wonderful exhibits that I’d love to spend more time with.
Decoding Political Ads.
Work by Jaume Plensa.
They take us to a lovely very large park and we walk on trails for half an hour then return home for dinner.
Norma makes an amazing Avocado-Cacao pudding over blueberries with peaches on top. YUM.
Sherman eats dinner after refusing food 3x during the day. I wonder if he has an upset stomach.
We drive east on OH 2 along Lake Erie. I drive into Cedar Point National Wildlife Refuge hoping to find a place to stop for the night. I headed toward a road that looked like it went out to Cedar Point. The road was blocked off. I backed in close to the gate and we slept there.
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