Today, I want to get east of Buffalo near the Finger Lakes region.
We wake up and take a walk down the road behind the gate. About a half mile there is a deer standing in the road. Standing still and watching us. Sherman’s nose is to the ground has no attention at all on what is in front of him. As we get close the deer walks slowly off the road and turnsto face us. I stop. The deer dips it’s head, like a bow. I bow my head back. She does it again. I do it again. She stomps her front foot. I stomp my foot. She dips her head again. I dip my head. She stomps her foot. I stomp my foot. She changes the angle of her body and cocks her ears a different way. That one I can’t mimic! Then she makes a loud squeaky snort staring right at me. At this, Sherman looks up and sees her. Now, he wants to chase the deer. She runs off the road making her snort and a baby comes out from the brush and follows her as they trot away. I take a picture.
We stop at Harmony Beach in Crane Creek State Park to walk and hopefully run on the beach. I let Sherman go, and he runs into the small plants growing away from the lake. He comes back in 1 minute with a dozen cherry pit sized very spiky stickers. That’s the end of running free. I got the stickers out and then run about a mile up the beach with him and walked back. Onward…
We pass from Ohio to Pennsylvania driving on Penn 5 near Lake Erie. I pass a small State Park sign. Turn around and drive in. Erie Cliffs State Park. Cool. We go for a walk to the cliffs overlooking the lake. Walking along the cliffs, down and up a gully, to a path that goes down to the lake. There is about 3 feet of flat smooth rocks between the shore and water. I wonder if Lake Erie also has tidal effects? The water clearly covers the rocks at times. I am drawn to a rock. The first thing I’ve picked up on the trip. The other item I’ve acquired is a piece of Abalone. At our walk in Northern California by The Big River, a woman stopped by to talk, first with Sherman, and then me. She comes down there to walk or run every morning and said she finds a piece of Abalone a couple times a week. She gave me the one she found that day.
I look at the map and the distance we still have to drive to get to VT. Gotta get driving! We got on I-90 and pick up the speed.
I find a park about an hour from the Finger Lakes and headed there. As we got close, the signs said it was an Amusement Park. Oops! Not on today’s agenda. I look on and find the Carlton Hill Multiple Use Area about 10 miles beyond.
“Located in the northwestern Cattaraugus Highlands portion of the Appalachian Plateau, the Carlton Hill Multiple Use Area (MUA) is a 2,484-acre area comprised of abandoned farmland interspersed with scattered small woodlots that provide a variety of habitat types for many kinds of wildlife.”
We stay in one of the small parking areas overlooking the distant hills.
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