It’s another driving day. In the morning I think I’ll probably stop near Albany, NY and drive to Bristol tomorrow morning. And, I know it’s another driving day.
On a hiking app I find a trail about 5 miles away that says it goes past a series of waterfalls. We go.

After the hike, I look at the map and find the best route to get us up to the NY Turnpike. I’m looking for a place for Sherman to run. It’s been days since he’s had a good run. I see a large park in Lima, NY. It’s called a memorial park, so i think it may be a cemetery. But when we get there, it’s a big green park.I let him off the leash and he takes off across the park. It’s as wide as a football field and 3 times as long. He’s running, running, running, and running. I whistle him back a couple times and he comes. Good boy!! I was up and down the length of the park twice while he runs. On the third time I sit on a park bench.In a few minutes he comes over and lays in the grass. We sit there for 15 minutes. When I get up to walk back toward the van, he stays very close. He’s had his run and is happy. We have brunch there and then head for the freeway.
I get an email from Chris in Bristol a few hours later when we’re on the freeway. She’s wondering when we’ll arrive. I stop an the next rest area and look at maps. One route that cuts diagonally across NY to the bridge to VT says 4.5 hours. The way I was planning on going says 6 hours. I call them and they recommend I take the longer route. I look more closely at the roads on the shorter route and they’re not small country roads. For much of the way they are two lane with sections that are 4 lane. I go the short route and it takes about 5 hours. We arrive in Bristol at 6pm.
Seeing Bob and Chris is another connection that doesn’t seem as though it’s had a 35 year intermission.We are instantly connected. Catching up. Sherman and their Golden Retriever Nuka a immediate friends. They have a fenced in space around the back patio and Sherman is happy hanging out there. It’s smaller, but gives him a view of the world, much as he had in the backyard of the Ojai condo.
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