Wake up about 8. Walk Sherman. Finish the Quesadilla. Drink some coffee.
This will be our first Zero Day. A day with Zero miles hiked. A rest day. A reorg day. A laundry day. A nap day. An anything that needs doing but hiking day.

And… the gear sort begins…

I separate everything into it’s category. Hiking clothes, Sleeping stuff. First aid. Food. Raid gear. Electronics. Misc. Etc. Then start going through each group and moving the obvious extras to a new pile. I want to compare to my list from last year. I ask Karie if she has a printer. Yes. She turns it on. I doesn’t show up on my phone. It’s not on. While she was out of town for 3 weeks, someone ‘borrowed” the 6 outlet surge protector. So the printer isn’t plugged in. She finds another extension cord and the printer comes on. I print my gear list from the JMT as a starting point. It’s a good guide for what I have that’s extra. I had everything I needed last year, so anything beyond can be asked the question, “Why are you here?” If I get a satisfactory answer, it stays. If not, it goes. That took me until about 3pm.
I take 6.5 pounds of stuff to the Post Office to ship back to my friends Bob and Chris’ in Bristol. That’s about 1/5 of what I was carrying. I also update a copy of the gear list to approximate what I kept. My Base Weight is about 18 pounds. That’s the weight without food or water which are variable. The Base Weight items are consistent. Water is around 3 liters tops. Probably averages between 1-2 liters most of the time. A liter is 2.4 pounds. Food is about 2 pounds a day. So there could be as much as 17 more pounds added to the 18 for a peak of food and water. Or around 36 pounds for a 6 day stretch. This is why I built three 4-day stretches into the hike. Less weight to carry for me and for Sherman.
I  wash my hiking clothes twice more today. I had a flash that I was reacting to the Permethrin I’d soaked them in. It’s “safe” and not very absorbable through the skin, unless your one of the few people who are sensitive to it. I have a flash that I was reacting to it after 3 days of sweating in the freshly soaked and air dried clothes. The tick protection is good for 6 washings. I can smell it. I don’t like smelling it. Anyway, I looked up the symptoms of reaction and there’s a reasonable fit with what I was feeling that last day. Not to be a further test subject, I put them through the washer twice. This makes 3 washes of the 6 that it’s effective. The smell is still there, but very faint. I’m not a fan of insecticides. Also not a fan of Lyme Disease. This feels like a livable compromise. If I use permethrin in the future I’ll spray the clothes instead of soaking them. It doesn’t penetrate the fibers as completely. Ticks only walk on the surface not in the fiber twists.
Sherman eats a normal dinner. Then I give him his other Fancy Feast. I order Veggie Pizza from The Spout.They make really good food there. I’ll Yelp them.
Now to get these few posts online. Then sleep.
And tomorrow we return to the LT.