Left the shelter hiking with Lyric.
fullsizeoutput_2044Looks like a mask left on the side of the trail.

We hike up Laraway Mtn. There is a great view at the Cliffs on the way up. We meet two women SOBO hikers just before the cliffs. Red and Green. There were 3 woman day hikers there having lunch.
Down and down. Then back up. All the ups and downs here include their opposites.
Lyric gives us our Trail name. Team Sherwyn. We like it. Others like it. So, that’s us. Sherman has been dubbed Elven Dog. I’ve told people about being called Wynfinity for years and they like it. So until something better arises. That’s us.
We get to Camp and find Red and Green there. It’s not a great shelter. But it has a great view from behind it. As the sun’s setting we all gather behind the shelter to watch the changing light and it’s glow on the hills beyond.
fullsizeoutput_1f80The mountain directly across from the shelter has a large round pasture. Barely visible here in the low light.
There is a brown and white house and barn on the lower border with the forest. The round pasture is actually two different hues of green. Divined top to bottom almost right in the center. About a third of the way up is a black shape. I ask the others if they can see the black cow. Red — Sorell — says that if it’s a cow it’s a HUGE cow. It’s as big as the smaller buildings. I say I’m sure it’s a cow. It gets named the Big Long Trail Cow. As it gets dark all but Red return to the shelter.
Red says it must be a sad, isolated cow. Living on one half of the round pasture while the other cows live on the other half of the pasture. I say that it’s a Sacred Cow. It’s huge and alone in it’s work as a bodhisattva. It’s job here on earth is to transmute the suffering of factory farm cows and slaughterhouse cows into compassion.
We stand in the growing darkness feeling the Sacred Cow’s energy. Red sits down and Sherman comes over to her. She puts him in her lap and pets him. He curls up. She says it’s the first time she’s ever allowed herself to be so connected to a dog.
When it is fully dark, we all return to the shelter and go to sleep.