Sherman here. Wyn is giving me the report for the day.
I woke with first light, as I usually do already into the first smells of the day. The humans are still asleep. I get up and look/listen out the shelter opening.
Wyn wakes up. I go over and give him some love licks. He likes it. I like it. The female human across the cabin called Chrispina is waking up. I want to go say good morning. Wyn lets go of my leash and I hop over and give her some licks. She responds with some pets. A good trade.

Wyn get’s up and makes food for me. He usually feeds me first. That’s nice. I’m a bit hungry, but this is the same food I’m having most of the time out here. It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just that it’s the same. I like variety. I ignore it for a while, then go eat enough not to be hungry. Wyn eats his food and puts all the stuff in that bag he carries on his back. Then he comes to put my bag on my back. I don’t like it. I know it has my food in it. I still don’t like it. He puts it on me every morning. I do notice that he puts his on every morning too, so I’m not feeling punished or picked on. But still… I’m not a working dog. I’m a pretty dog. A therapy kind of dog. A friendly dog. This working thing is new and I’m not sure I want to do this forever. I will say that I love being outside so much. And being in new places is very wondersmell.
img_0449We leave the shelter and I’m leashed.
This seems to make Wyn feel more secure. After a while, he calls me to him and tells me to stay. I know this means he’s going to un-leash me. So, I stand still while this happens. He pets me and say, “OK.” This is my cue. I can now run freely as we walk.
img_0436We walked by this wall. There were so many smells between the rocks.
I love the smells here in the woods. New smells. Strong smells. They are intoxicating. At times I’m just walking along and OMG! A smell totally takes me over and I HAVE to follow. It feels so good to give myself totally over to this energy. It’s freedom. Total freedom.
While I’m running, I hear my name and whistling. It’s Wyn calling. He’s nervous. He doesn’t know where I am. I always know where he is. I know human senses are very weak. So, as I run I occasionally come close enough for him to see me. As I begin to move out of the scent world I come back to him. He puts me on the leash. I feel his concern. I actually like being on the leash after this. It calms me down.
He doesn’t understand this world of scents. There are so many to discern. At times it’s overwhelming. Difficult to tell which is the most important. You can tell when I’m in that space — I’ll be taking a longer time just smelling the air. Sifting through the waves.
This happens at times when the trail has taken an unexpected turn. It can take a little extra time to sort through the scents and find the right direction. I can tell that Wyn finds the right direction with his eyes. I do that too. But in a moment of confusion I trust my nose.
We arrive at a road. It’s small stones. Much harder to walk on than the the soft forest. We stop by the road. A car pulls up. I LOVE cars! We get in. The best!
We walk into town and go to a food place. We sit outside on a porch. Much better than sitting inside. He offers me food I don’t want. Then he offers me some bread with sweet sticky on it. I don’t usually like sweet. But now it tastes good.
We walk down the street to a store. Wyn carries my bag. It’s a food store. I get to go in the store. I like that much better than staying outside while he goes in. We walk around and get some food. Then we go outside and sit where he can put things into the wall.
We share some turkey. It’s good. A man comes by and they talk for awhile. He goes in the store, comes out and we get in his car. This makes me happy. I wag my tail. The car stops and we get out. This too makes me happy. I wag my tail. We sit outside again and Wyn puts things in the wall again. He goes in and out of this store a number of times. I get to lay in the sun. I like getting warm and even hot in the sun.
We pack up and walk up the road. Then onto another road. We walk and walk and walk on this road. I get let off the leash and get to sniff more things. Happiness. After walking on roads for a long time we get back on a soft trail. My feet like this better.
There are a few places where we go up and down lots of rocks. Sometimes this is fun. Sometimes scary. Sometimes I have to wait for Wyn to pick me up and move me to a place where I can then walk by myself.
We get to a building. Wyn takes the bag off his back, and then the bag off my back. I like this place. There’s a good place to sleep and a good place to watch the world.
I sleep curled up between Wyn’s feet on the soft blanket. In the night I feel cold and lick his face. He grabs me and pulls me under the blanket. I get nice and warm. After I sleep awhile I’m too hot and get out from there and go back to between the legs.
When it starts to get light I go get back under the blanket for a nice warmup, then I go visit the other humans in the place. A new one that is friendly and my recent good friend. We met a number of days ago and are very good friends. She gives me happy and tail wagging. I wiggle and lick her face. We both have a happy time.
I’m looking forward to another day of walking and running and climbing. I love being outdoors. The smells are big and constantly changing. This makes me happy and tail wagging too.