September 17: Zero Miles

I wake up and look at the map again. Also at Sherman. He’s been sleeping for almost 12 hours.

I sit with him and look at the pack, the water, and get that the right thing to do is skip this 40 miles.

So… new logistics.

I need to repack the food for the 4 days we’ll have when we go back on the trail. Find out how to get to Incline Village. Find a place to stay. I redo the food and head for the phone.

I remember I need to look at Sherman’s pack before phoning. It seems too tight over his head and is rubbing under his arms a bit. Peggy covered the chest strap with a thick soft fabric. It helped. But something still doesn’t seem right. I go to the RuffWear website and find the video on how to fit the pack to the dog. Duh. So stupid. I had it adjusted not just wrong, but in a couple place completely backwards.

So I re-adjust it and — duh — it fits on and off his head easily. The chest strap is over the birth of his chest and not under his arms. And the abdominal strap, after tightening it served not only a stabilizing purpose but since the abdomen is narrower than the chest, it keeps the Park from moving forward on the body, keeping the chest strap in place. I feel like such an idiot.

I don’t remember changing the strap settings since Vermont, but I must have at some point because I didn’t have these issues with fit on our five weeks on the Long Trail. Oh, well… all is well and Sherman’s much less resistant to the on and off of the pack.

I find a place that’ll allow Sherman, The Tahoe Biltmore, in Crystal Bay, next to Incline Village.

There’s no public transportation around Lake Tahoe. I take a resort shuttle down to Stateline, NV on the lake. Mail the extra food home. Connect with a Lyft driver to get to to Tahoe Biltmore.

When we arrive and checkin I discover this is an old rental cabin property that has more recently added casino and related accoutrements. VERY different from the new resort we were in last night. But it has all the basics.

I watch Rachel for the first time in a week. A lot has happened. And it’s all the same!! Really nothing’s happened.

I make dinner with my hiking stove setup in the bathroom to avoid the possibility of setting off the smoke alarm in the main room.

We eat and I work on updating and posting the blogs from the hike so far. But for some reason the photos won’t upload. I go to bed frustrated….