All the weather forecasts said it was going to thunderstorm with heavy rain starting early afternoon. So, we stayed here. It didn’t rain all day… It was a beautiful day. Hanging out on the deck of the hut. Walking around with Sherman. Sherman hanging on the deck and the grass. Reading a book. Writing. Posting one blog post to let people know I’m still here… A simple, quiet day at the top of a mountain with pretty open views all around. A day outside of thru-hiker mind.

The forecast for the week has changed. Of course. It’s now supposed to be intermittently rainy tomorrow. Light rain. Well… if it’s clear by 9 or 10, we’re going to head down to VT 108 and get a ride to a local B&B for the night. A shower and clothes wash plus a full charge on all devices will be yummy! Then it looks like there are 3-4 clear days during which we will summit and descend Mt. Mansfield and possibly get us setup for the Camel’s Hump climb.
fullsizeoutput_1f58Off the side of the ski trail I find this rich deep mossy area. I love this soft, fluffy ground. Magical.
I read a lot today about the trail through these two mountains. In the Green Mountain Club’s Long Trail book and online. I feel better prepared. Well see…!?!
The sunset is spectacular. In the fading light I see that Lake Champlain is visible behind Mt Mansfield. A nice surprise. All day it was behind low clouds.