September 18: 4 miles

I wake at 6 feeling rested. Sherman’s still asleep. I test the ability to upload images on the blog and this morning it’s working. So I finish a group of entries and get them published.

Sherman wakes up and we go for a walk. He has his natural spring back in his step so he’s had enough recovery time. That’s good since we’re headed back to the trail today. A short day, but a hiking day.

We eat breakfast and I start organizing for the next jaunt. When packed I look for a Lyft or Uber driver. Today Uber wins. A retired schoolteacher collects us and drives us about 10 miles into the mountains to the Tahoe Meadows Trailhead where our journey begins again.

Nature trail across the Tahoe Meadows connects to the Tahoe Rim Trail.

A view of Lake Tahoe as we near Galena Falls.

It’s about 4 miles to Galena Falls where we hang out with the falling water awhile. Then up the trail to look for a place to camp. After we go a bit, I remember that I needed to get water at the falls. So we go back a quarter mile or so and I find a safe place to get water out of the river ahead of it’s tumble down the cliff.

Sherman agrees that it’s a good place to get water.

View from the top of the falls.

Watered up, we head out again to find a place to sleep. I find one about a mile past the falls.

Tomorrow’s 7 mile hike to Grey Lake will take us over the highest point on the trail at 10250 feet. We’re currently at 9333 feet.