September 23: Zero Miles

The featured image is a pastel in the room where we’re staying. Love it!

The ankle…

It’s about the same as last night. Slightly injured. Full mobility in terms of walking and squatting. But strained in terms of rolling outward.

So… we’re done.

It’s been an interesting process over the last 24 hours. The conflicting desires to finish the hike and to honor the fact of the injury.

Being true to what is… the rolled ankle…

So tomorrow we’re driving home. There is no public transportation around Lake Tahoe, so it’s Lyft or Uber or hitch-hiking the 50 miles back to the van.

Given the ankle, we’ll be riding. So when we are up, I’ll start looking for a ride. Testing the availability today Uber is about $30 less than Lyft to my destination. We’ll see tomorrow.

We’ve spent the day resting, updating the hike’s blog and walking around Tahoe City.

There’s a nice walking/bike path along the lake which we’ve visited a couple times.

And Sherman… still resting…

A nice day off.