A Zero Day. We sleep until 8. Very late for hikers. It is a delicious and relaxing morning. We walk around the house and studio buildings. I make tea and we climb back into bed. I catch-up on email and news.
We’ve hiked 94 miles of trail and 20-30 non-trail mikes. One-third of the LT. Amazing Grace!
We make it downstairs about 10. Yawn-stretch…

Bob and Chris are already into their day. After granola I go back upstairs to sort and organize 3 boxes of hiking stuff. The bounce box. The food drop box. And the box I’d shipped to them from Eden.
img_0699As I unpack, this is what is left of our supplies from the last section: 3 Emergen-C, 8 squares of toilet paper, about 8 teaspoons of a red rishi mushroom/vitamin c mix, about 4 tablespoons of coconut sugar and some gunpowder green tea.
As I’m organizing for the next section it’s immediately obvious is that I planned too much food. Each baggie of lentils, for example is good for 3 meals. I assumed each would be 2 meals. So I have a third more of grains and oatmeal than I need. Same with Sherman’s food. About a third too much.
That may change after another 100 miles. The metabolism and calorie demands change as more miles are clocked.
We have a casual lunch. I’m mostly packed for tomorrow. Chris took their dog Nuka to the high school yesterday with a friend. As she described the space when they got back I think Sherman will be able to run there. So I take him about 4. He loves it. It’s many sports fields together in one big space. He runs and runs. Very much like in Lima, NY and at Thatcher in Ojai. After 20-30 min of him running and me walking back and forth I sit on a bench. He comes over and rolls in the grass. We sit for awhile and then head back.
Bob and Chris are going to a see a local production of Steel Magnolias tonight that a friend is starring in. After fork feeding Sherman some wet food, I work on updating the blog and give some remote support to the person who replaced me as Potters Guild Treasurer.
They get home about 10:30. We talk for an hour and it’s a late bedtime.