Bob drives us back to the trail. We take a look, and a walk over the Winooski River Suspension Bridge the GMC finished about 2 years ago. Because we hiked the old Long Trail to the Jonesville Post Office on Friday, we didn’t cross the bridge. A rerouted trail leads to the bridge. Quite a building project for a trail resource management organization. Sherman doesn’t like walking on it. Not sure if it’s the slight up and down bounce or the view of the river 20 feet below through the small spaces between the floor slats or his foot pads fitting into the spaces between the slats. His discomfort seems to be psychological.
We start hiking about 10. From the bridge the trail takes a mile and a half road walk along the river to where it goes back into the woods. It’s uphill but not too difficult.

fullsizeoutput_21c2Winooski River. Normally it would be a few feet higher, but… there’s a drought in Vermont.
fullsizeoutput_21c4This bridge was over a very beautiful fast running creek. Sherman had fun playing along the edge.
fullsizeoutput_21ccViews from the hike to the Shelter. The double ridge in the back is Mt. Mansfield, which we walked over a couple days ago. Amazing that we walked from that long away ridge on our own little feet.
fullsizeoutput_21d5We arrive at the shelter about 1:30.
There has been bear activity around here so there are bear boxes for food and a food prep and eating area 100 yards from the shelter.
fullsizeoutput_21d2There has been bear activity around here so there are bear boxes for food and a food prep and eating area 100 yards from the shelter. I sort our gear into the shelter pile and the bear box pike. We go to the food area for an early hot lunch.
Right now, I’m eating one of the best things I’ve made on the trail. Dehydrated veggies, red lentils, split pea soup. When it was quite warm squeeze a package of Justin’s Peanut Butter in and mix it in. When hot mix in a package of sweet and spicy pink salmon. Awesome!!
Sherman eats a good sized lunch too. Food and and other odorous personal items into the bear box.
We return to the shelter and go down to the spring for water. I then setup the sleeping stuff and prepare to sit under the quit. Oops. It’s damp from our morning watching the rain on Friday. It’s not puffing up as much as usual. So I hang it over the railing. Even though it’s 50 degrees, there’s a wind. It’ll help. That leaves Sherman’s rain sheet to cover up with. No insulating properties, but it is wind and water proof. A smidgen better than no cover…
2 hours later I’m looking at the quilt. It’s better. But it’s not completely dry. It’ll be an interesting night. Probably close to freezing with a quilt at 80%. Maybe body heat will do the rest. I’ve never been in this situation before. I may be sleeping in all of my layers and have Sherman under the quilt. We’ll see what it takes to not be cold.
Tomorrow is a big day. Not only over Camels Hump, but also the 2 Allen Peaks and Burnt Mountain. A long, difficult 9.5 mile day. We’re racing the rain. I DO NOT want to be going through this section on wet rocks. We’re gonna be walking by 7. If possible, at 6:30.
I realized today that for a day after the rain when the rocks are dry, the moss is still very slippery because the moss holds a water film between itself and the rock.
So many changing variables to balance and mentally manage to be safe.
It’s 5:30. Dark in an hour. The days at getting colder and shorter. I go to the bear box to get the space blanket out of the first aid kit. With the damp quilt, we may need it.